Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Birthday

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Last Wednesday (November 10), was my birthday and I spent it a tad differently than I usually do. Of course I said, "Happy Birthday!" to Clyde and Colin, who are twins born on the same day as me. Madeline thought Monday was the 10th, so she took me out for lunch at Panera, where we both got the delicious macaroni and cheese. Then, when she realized it was the 8th, she was all like, "I guess I'm turning this into your birthday week now..." Some of my friends knew it was my birthday, but I don't like to tell the whole school because well, actually I don't know why. Once I got out of school, I ended up going birthday shopping for Rebecca, not me. I had some of her gift done, but not all of it. Here are the actual pictures from my birthday and of course, the gifts.
When I got home, I saw three balloons in my favorite color, blue. I just love blue so much. My mum told me there was another blue balloon she was about to get, until she realized that the words on it said, "IT'S A BOY!"
I had a birthday pie, instead of cake because the only cake I like is super expensive and because I wanted a French Apple Pie. I don't know why there are 13 candles because I didn't turn 13 this year...
Here are the gifts from my friends! Oh, Tiffany got such a cute bag for me. It's the one that I saw on Hawaii Kawaii!
This is my birthday present from Tiffany. She got me a mamegoma notepad, a Rilakkuma pencil/pen, and an oyasumi bakura plushie. I named my oyasumi bakura plushie Naomi and she loves to eat and eat!
Here's a gift from Hilary and this little piece of sushi is too cute! I named her Shirley Sue Shi. Get it? Shirley Sue and her last name is Shi! Oh, how very punny of me...
This was part of Madeline's gift for me. They're chocolate covered Madelines and they're so tasty! I hadn't had them for a year or so, so I was super happy to get these!
These were the rest of my gift from Madeline. She got me a folder, stationary, stickers, a book, and a mustache pin. My favorite part of my present from her was actually the card she wrote because it's so funny and kind of true. According to the spell check on blogspot, I spelled "kind" wrong...
Here are my gifts from my mum and dad...Let's open them up and see what's inside!
My parents got me two fashion books and a fashion magazine. As you can probably tell, I'm really into high end fashion and when I grow up, I want to work with one of my three loves(fashion, food, and cute things!).
Here are the rest of my gifts from my mum and dad. I named the Rilakkuma Jun because in SA, the twins are named Megumi and Jun. Then my Korilakkuma is named Megumi, so my Rilakkuma had to become Jun. Plus, I have friends named Megumi and Jun.
I ended up trading in the French chicky for the chicky in the rainbow suit. My parents agreed with me that this one was cuter, but I feel bad about trading in the French chicky...Oh yeah, Rebecca showed this video on her blog and I realized that this video has labeled me as a terrible artist. I don't think so, though, because a lot of people are still learning to draw.
Why is there a zipper on the back of Rilakkuma? Why can Korilakkuma unzip her friend?


  1. Happy belate birthday Audrey :D.
    You have such wonderful family and friend! :) haha it's so cute when I read your mum about to get a ballon until she saw "its a boy"

  2. Hehe you got so much san - x stuff...I hope you like my present ;) (rrghgh layer cake)
    hmmm the video is pretty discouraging, but the video should be more like "how to not impress an art critic." Being able to surpass all 50 signs doesnt necessarily make you a perfect artist, it just makes it easier to please critics. If you read the comments, I think everyone has at least 1 factor that applies to them, but having a sign apply to you doesnt make you a bad artist; like you said, an artist could still be improving. Take it in as constructive criticism and use it to AVOID making a habit of whatever applies to you. Daaaaang that was a long comment but I just thought I had to point that out.

  3. Happy belated birthday girl! Loved that comment about the blue balloon and your mom XD & you got lots of lovely gifts ^^

  4. wow happy belated birthday!!
    Your friends are so nice!....ww

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  6. Happy belated birthday!
    Very beautiful gifts, some seem so soft! xD

  7. happy birthday!!! and such cute gifts ^^ i love rilakuma ^^

  8. Tam-Haha, I wanted to buy an "It's a boy!" card for my friend's birthday once, but I was out of cash! XD

    R E B E C C A-Thank you for that nice comment! I hope you like my birthday present for you! It took me awhile to find the perfect pieces...

    chung-Haha thank you! Seems like that birthday balloon thing made many laugh! :)

    P2-Thank you so much! :3

    Nyu-Still love your username! XD They are pretty darn soft! *w*

    Naka-Thank you so very much! I love Rilakkuma too! I think Nyanko and Rilakkumka are tied for my favorite San-X characters!

  9. Ohhh you got it, it is SO adorable!

  10. Hawaii Kawaii-Yup, I was so excited to get it and thank you for showing it to me! :)

  11. awwww what cute birthday presents. hope you had a super awesome day :)

    <3 angie

  12. Angie-Thank you so much! I still need to do a post of late birthday gifts! XD

  13. rilakkuma has a zipper on his back because he's not a bear! he's something in a rilakkuma costume!!!


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