Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Mood: Depressed
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I'm fairly depressed right now right now because school starts tomorrow and I had this past week off for Thanksgiving. I always feel this way before going back to school, after a long break. I know it's going to be alright, but I still feel a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, and depression before going back. For Black Friday, I got a sewing machine and some fabric that I plan to turn into a Lolita skirt. It's about time that I got a sewing machine actually. For practice, I'm going to sew up a hot pink bow for my new backpack. I just need to figure out the bobbin and I'm ready to go. I'm just going to do a photo dump of my Thanksgiving meal. I hope you don't mind.
This is our turkey, which my dad and I cooked.
This is the turkey once we carved it.
These are mushrooms my great aunt mailed us.
This is some stuffing my dad and I made.
This is are mashed sweet potatoes and our gravy.
This is shrimp skewered on a thing of broccoli.  
These are home made onion rolls. The steam was coming up towards my camera, so that's why the coloring is funny. 
This was the first year we had three pies. My family bought one and my brother's roommate, Joon, walked in with 2 pies. Needless to say, we had way too many pies.
This is a Chinese dessert that my grandpa made. I hope all of you guys had absolutely wonderful Thanksgivings, filled with food and family.
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get anything on Black Friday?


  1. Oh wow what a lovely Thanksgiving dinner you had, your so lucky. We dont celebrate Thanksgiving in London but hopefully one day if I ever get the chance to go over to America I will have the chance of experiencing the beautiful holiday!

  2. turkeyy! I heart turkey :D hope you had a great black friday shopping day. we already had our thanksgiving last month and our black friday shopping wasn't nearly as good as the US!

  3. 我 moi-Well, you're lucky living in London. I simply adore British accents and my parents are convinced that I'm going to marry a British man one day! :3

    Pop Champagne-Really? I didn't know they had Thanksgiving in other countries! XD That shows how clueless I am!


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