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Sorry that this post is pretty delayed...The sad thing is, I have another Halloween post I need to do about the pumpkins I carved! I wasn't able to blog earlier today because I spent my day in a lab doing my science project...Anyways, I should start off this post with something happy right? Thanks to the blog, We ♥ Redheads, I found this amazing musician called Patrick Wolf. I am completely in love with his song "Time of My Life" right at the moment. Have you heard about him before? Which songs by him should I listen to now? Moving on to the part of the post you have been expecting (hopefully), the Halloween part!
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While waiting for my friends, I took this photo because I was kind of bored. Sorry about the ugly dA border, but it wouldn't allow me to copy the URL code for some reason, so we have to settle for this...
When  Sophie, Rebecca, and Daniela showed up, we ended up having tons of fun. Rebecca has a cute animal backpack that she actually drew organs for!
While we were trick or treating, we came across this cool pumpkin. I loved how they made it look like dripping wax! Sorry the image is blurry, my camera is really bad with taking photos in the dark.
This is a photo of Rebecca sneaking up to a gate, but you probably can't see much, right?
Like I said, my camera stinks at taking photos in the dark, so this is a photo of my friends running down a hill. I'll probably put this on dA because it looks pretty cool right? After this, Daniela left us, so she could hang out with more people! I think she went to three different parties that night! What can I say, she's a party animal.
We decided to mess around with the camera and the long exposure to create this photo of my little light thing.
Here's another photo of my light thing-y on long exposure. You can probably see some of my Lolita dress.
Rebecca went as a school girl, as you can see in this photo. She's perfoming surgery on her backpack, but not really... 
This is Sophie's stash of candy. You're probably wondering, why aren't there any photos of Sophie or my costume right? Well, Sophie went as Facebook, so it has the names of my friends and me and by that I mean both first and last. I can't put them online because of that because I don't want creepers/pedophiles finding my friends and me. Now, I have no photos of me in my costume without Sophie in it, so I'll dress up again and show pictures for you!
This is my stash of candy. Yes, I got Playdo and popcorn. I surprisingly didn't eat tons of it that night. Only some Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, and some chocolate!
My dad got pies from Marie Callendar's, so the three of us all had some. We had both pumpkin pie and coconut cream. I don't think Sophie liked either one, but Rebecca and I enjoyed our's. That is the end for this post and I hope you enjoyed it and can see how much fun my friends and I had. I really want to read The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way. I really want to, but apparently it was a limited edition series, so I don't think I'll be able to get my hands on it. It sounds intense, though. Did you know that Garard Way is married and he has a child already?!?!?!? Shocked me, but now I have proof to Hoho that he's NOT gay. I told him so, but he wouldn't listen...
What did you go as for Haloween?


  1. OMG... so many candys! I want to eat them! *___*

  2. look at that you can see my smexy thighs

  3. ☆モモ☆-Hahaha *gives you some candy* Sharing is caring! :)

    R E B E C C A-Hot right? ;)

  4. alot of candy it must have been good! and my halloween was okay :p

    tehe im quite quick if im not knitting a pattern, I've only started to hold th knitting needles properly too which has helped my speed!

  5. Naka-There's a proper way? :O I didn't know that! I'm faster when not doing a pattern too! For some reason I mess up on the pattern quite often...


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