Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marc Jacobs' World

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Over the weekend, I decided to explore Melrose Avenue with my main goal being finding the Vivienne Westwood flagship store. When I went there, I was surprised to see that the area wasn't as big as I thought it'd be and that it was made up mostly of designer stores, but I learned from my friend, Michael, that the 6000's are where all the vintage and indie stores are. I was in the 8000's, where all the designer flagship stores are. There were stores there for Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen, Bookmarc, Marc Jacobs for Women, Marc Jacobs for Men, Marc by Marc Jacobs for Women, Marc by Marc Jacobs for Men, Diane Von Furstenberg, Herve Leger, Y-3, and so on.
The Vivienne Westwood store was huge and I loved the range of products from casual clothing to dressy gowns. They had a wide selection of clothing for men too and even sold Westwood commemorative books, which I was tempted to buy. If I had all the money in the world, I'd choose her dresses for any dance I were to go to. The only unfortunate parts about the 8000's of Melrose Avenue is that their aren't many places to eat at along the stretch and that I was able to see the area in about two or three hours.
Since I was in the area anyways, I drove down to the Beverly Center on the hunt for lunch and grabbed a cheap, food court meal. The Beverly Center was extremely confusing to navigate. The first floor and top three floors are reserved for shopping and dining, while all the floors in between are strictly for parking. It's hard to get from place to place and for my first time there, I found it difficult to get anywhere I wanted to go. It took me half an hour just to find a place to eat, even though I could smell the food. It's also strange how the Beverly Center has stereotypical mall stores like Forever 21 and American Eagle Outfitters, but has high end designer clothing like D&G (pictured above) and Louis Vuitton too.
Luckily for me, I had the chance to get some goods at the Marc by Marc Jacobs for Women store and the Bookmarc store.  After all, how could I be surrounded by so much Marc Jacobs and not cave in and buy something? It was amazing to see how much of the 8000's of Melrose Avenue belonged to Marc and how all his stores are so close to each other.
I bought a baggy, Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt that supports AIDs research along with a pair of earrings at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store and two wishbone necklaces, one for me and one for Jessy, at the Bookmarc store along with a bookmark from Bookmarc. At the Helmut Lang store, I grabbed a look book, since he has no other stores near me. The Helmut Lang store was gorgeous, but had too many employees. It felt like you were barging in on a cool kid gathering, where you were the only one not in fabulous head-to-toe Helmut Lang clothing. 
Have you ever gone to a party or gathering inappropriately dressed? 


  1. Aww I'm sorry I missed you! I work in the area, near the 6000s. The Beverly Center IS hard to navigate, I hate going there. Next time try the Century City mall, it's my fave high-end shopping destination in SoCal.

  2. Woah, sounds insane, but awesome. I LOOOVE Marc Jacobs :)

  3. I lobee Marc Jacobs!! But here, my city hasn't got a shop :(

  4. Geeky Glamorous-Really? Maybe I'll get to see you next time I go up there! Afterall, I was planning on visiting the 6000's next. Any recommendations? :)

    PS I love Century City! My dad brought me there, when I was little. If I remember correctly, they have the biggest book store there!

    Closet Fashionista-Who doesn't love him? :D

    Nass-Panda-He doesn't have that many shops compared to other luxury brands. That's why I was surprised to find so many of them so close by me.

  5. This place sounds heaven!
    From F21 to miss Vivienne Westwood c:
    Glad you found a place to eat
    :P no Mcdonald's nearby?
    That Marc Jacob shirt looks cute!


  6. fab photos! thanks for the comment.. yeah everything in england is jubilee themed in the run up to the Queen's diamond jubliee!!


  7. Sarah Bow-Yup! :)

    Lisa-The best kind of goodies! :D

    Ice Pandora-Such a wide range of shopping available! And I couldn't find a McDonald's! D:

    Hannah-That sounds fabulous! I wish I could visit and have you show me around. :3

  8. wait wait wait... is this in LA? it sounds so much like it... please tell me i'm right. oh and super cute header!

    btw, i'm having a giveaway over here. i hope that you join. have a lovely weekend!

  9. i cant wait to see you wear your buys ^_^ and lucky you Vivienne Westwood! i would lvoe to see her pieces irl ^_^ i went to a lolita birthday party not in lolita, AWKWARD XD

  10. Robots in Trouble-Yup, it's in LA! :D

    Hello Naka-Haha, did everyone look at you strangely? And Vivienne Westwood was amazing! :)

  11. Ah that T-shirt! Love it! And I totally know what you mean about too many shop employees, especially in high end fashion shops. I get paranoid they're judging me, so I avoid them and just ogle stuff online. ;) Pathetic I know!

  12. toryburchというブランドは世界の数多くの女性の気持ちを捉え、熱い支持を受けています。それに、多くの有名人もそのブランドのファンになっちゃいましたよ!とっても大人気の最高品だと思います。しかも、季節の変化に連れて、相応した変化に力を入れています。多数の新作を続々持ってきました。例えば、トリーバーチ 財布ですね。カラーバリエーションで展開され、季節の多彩に相応しい!自分の大好きなカラーを選べることが本当に嬉しいですよ!

  13. Hvit-Haha, it makes me feel so awkward! I know they're thinking, "This girl isn't going to buy anything." I want to prove them wrong, but they're so right! XD

    トリー バーチ(tory burch)-Please don't leave spam on my blog! Thank you! ^^


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