Monday, August 23, 2010

Cell Phone Charm Exchange

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I'm so happy right now because I finally have 21 followers! That's so amazing for me! I'm thinking of holding a giveaway with Sophie, once both of us have around 25 followers who don't know us in person. Anyways, Rebecca, Tina, and Tiffany met me on August 19th for a cell phone charm meet up. All of us were supposed to bring charms for the four of us and we all exchanged charms for fun. Kind of like friendship bracelets, but better!
This is everything I scored that day, except for the yellow charm, which I bought for the exchange.  I'm really glad that I got the hair thing from Tina because where I live it costs $8 and I was always too cheap to buy it. I'm also really happy that Rebecca got the hair bows for me because a bunch of mine broke recently.
These are all of our cell phones together. From left to right, the phones belong to Tina, me, Rebecca, and Tiffany.
This is Tiffany's cell phone. It has nine charms on it and I envy her beer charm. My mum wouldn't let me get one because she finds it weird. But then again, my mum finds my tofu pillows weird.
This is Rebecca's cell phone and it has 19 charms on it. One less than me! I'm still in the lead!I want her Rilakkuma plushie charm and her Nyanko Sensei one...
This is my cell phone. I know, it's a cluttered mess. I have 20 charms and I sill need to put on five more that I bought at Anime Expo.
This is the back of Tina's cell phone. I love the rhinestone decoration. I've been wanting to get a Rilakkuma one for my phone, but it would cover up my camera and I have tons of purikura on the back....I need to find more guys to go do purikura with me. Four guys have gone with me, but one of them turned out to be a backstabber, so I had to toss that bunch.
This is Tina's cell phone still. She has 17 charms and I envy quite a few of them. She has a Korilakkuma one, like my Megumi, climbing the Tokyo Tower and a Hello Kitty dressed as a seal. Those are my two favorites of hers. All of her charms are super cute...Tina is super cute.
We then stacked all four of our phones into one stack and took pictures!
More of the charms from a new angle. Tina is our hand model. Comment below, if you think Tina has nice hands! If you read this post, and don't leave a comment, Tina might think that you think she has ugly hands. That will make her very sad and no one wants a sad Tina! I think it would be fun to have one phone with ALL these charms. That's my goal. I can barely fit my phone into my purses as it is right now...Well, the charm exchange was tons of fun. After wards, we went for a round of purikura and ate dinner. We wanted to do karaoke too, but karaoke didn't have a room for us, so we got dessert! That's it for now. I hope you guys have a great day!


  1. Wow! That are a lot of straps! O_o

    Haha, thanks! The boots are not mine, I'm not so fond on lolita boots I think.. I really want my footwear to be of good quality and the like :3

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  3. i lvoe the idea of swpaing phone charms and i love them all so cute ^^

  4. your blog is so cute i could throw up rainbows right now staring at it :D !!! i am following sooo adorable~

  5. Ahh. *__* I love everyone's charm collections! Especially the plushies!

  6. Woaw! So many charms on cell phones @_@!!!

    I have two and there's no more space in the little strap holder. How do you make them all fit??

    Isn't it troublesome when making calls?

    I guess it's much easier to find in your purse n___n'' Haha!

    They're all very cute though!

  7. Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita-I guess you can say we're a bit obsessed with cell phone charms! Hahaha...I really want a pair of boots right now...

    Naka-Thank you! We came up the idea mostly because we were all originally going to 3 different high schools and want to stay together in a way, but now we're only going to 2 different schools!

    Angie-Oh my goodness, that's so sweet of you! Thank you so much for following! It means so much to me! ♥

    P o o p e r-Thank you! I love the plushies too, but they take up so much room! >.<

    Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー-I can only fit two on my little strap thing-y, but you connect them to your other charms and such. You loop them through another charm's loop, if this makes any sense...It is a lot easier to find it in your purse when it's taking up half of your bag! Hahahaha

  8. R E B B E C C A-Now Tina can pursue her dream of being a hand model! XD

  9. damn thats a lot of phone straps!! I use to love them too but not had one in months!

  10. Nic Nic-It is isn't it? My friends are obsessed with them! >.< ♥

  11. haha! it would be really funny if tina did becum a hand model. she has great hands and all i just cant imagine it. it would be cool if she became a model tho cuz she is so cute and all! :) and now i feel lik we should trade bracelets too!!! but idk...

  12. tiffzahnpasta-Hahaha Tina=handmodel? HECK YEAH! Maybe we can do bracelet swaps...

  13. jooby joo joo! SCOOBY DOO!

  14. jooby joo joo! SCOOBY DOO!


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