Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rebel Rilakkuma Pictures

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When no pictures are allowed, I have to sneak a photo. When they don't want you to touch the display plushies, I don't even notice until I've posed them and photographed them. Yeah, I'm either a rebel or an imbecile. Here are some more photos from the Rilakkuma Party I went to with Sophie. All the photos include my little Korilakkuma named Megumi. Isn't she so cute?
Megumi with a cardboard cutout.
Megumi with the big Rilakkuma. I wanted to buy this one, but it was so expensive.
Megumi with some Rilakkumas I was supposed to not be messing with.
Megumi with some of her kind.
Megumi with the person dressed as Rilakkuma.
Megumi on top of a huge Rilakkuma.
Megumi on top of the huge Rilakkuma.
Megumi hanging out with a sleepy friend of hers.
Megumi on top of a French Rilakkuma.
Megumi peeking over the top of the Rilakkuma's head.
Well that's it for my Rilakkuma pictures. Megumi had a grand time there hanging out with all of her little (and huge!) Rilakkuma friends. I just wish that I could find a nice big brown Rilakkuma friend for Megumi.


  1. I linked you on both posts (:
    Link me too?

    My favorite Rilakkuma pic is the one with Megumi and the huge Rilakkuma XDD

  2. Megumi reminds me of a little baby in all the pictures. ;__; <3 Korilakkuma is my favorite! >///< I hope as well that you'll be able to find a Rilakkuma to be Megumi's partner.

  3. The Sopher Gopher-Thank you! I thought I linked you in both.

    P o o p e r-Megumi is a little baby to me! Hahahaha...I have a question is Rilakkuma Korilakkuma's brother or just friend?

  4. Oh.. I guess you did XDD I didn't see.

  5. thanks for your comment :) I am also a HUGE Rilakkuma fan! XD

  6. The Sopher Gopher-I linked you again up above!

    Amanda-I love Rilakkuma so flippin' much!

    Nic Nic-No problem! I love Rilakkuma too!

    Miri-I know! ><

  7. I love the French Rilakkuma so much. <3 I love all your pics!

  8. Mandie-Thank you so much! I love your blog tons and tons!

  9. Rilakkuma is like me, awesome! Love the pics I'm so jealous.


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