Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Corporate Concert

On Friday, August 27, I went to go see Something Corporate. This was part of their Something Corporate Reunion tour, so at the beginning they were playing,  "Reunited, and it feels so good..." Unfortunately, Something Corporate isn't fully reunited. William Tell wasn't there, so Bobby "Raw" Anderson filled in for him. Brian Ireland's hair is so straight now and I saw Kevin "Clutch" Page without sunglasses towards the end of the concert. He still has the same hair and beard. My mum thought Andrew had red hair, like the singers of A Rocket to the Moon and We the Kings, but she also thought he was balding. We made a bet and I won. Andrew still has a full head of hair and his hair is a dirty blond color. I took over 50 pictures, so I'm only going to put one up on my blog. It's a picture of Andrew playing "Konstantine" and I really liked this photo. When I look back at it, I always think, "Starlight, you electrified my life..." from the Muse song. I loved how at one point Andrew tackled Josh Partington and I also liked it when Andrew's dog followed him onto the stage. It was pretty darn cute. My favorite part of the concert was when Something Corporate was playing "If You C Jordan" and Andrew paused and everyone screamed, "F*** you, Jordan!" I felt bad for anyone in the crowd named Jordan. During "If You C Jordan", Andrew jumped up on the piano and my mum was not amused....I liked it, though.
For the first time in my life, I realized why Andrew McMahon left Something Corporate for awhile to create Jack's Mannequin. He said the new music he had been writing was too different from Something Corporate music and the SoCo fans wouldn't like it. In my mind, I was thinking how different are Jack's Mannequin fans and Something Corporate fans? They're very different. At the Something Corporate concert, I saw mosh pits, lighters, a lot of people standing on each others shoulders, and a lot more drunk people. I never saw any of that at the Jack's Mannequin concert or the Andrew McMahon concert. I can't decide if it was the venue or if it was the Something Corporate fans. This was my first general admission, standing only concert. I was 10 feet away from the stage, which was insane, and I was tempted to push past all the buff men to be right by the stage! Also, I noticed there were a lot more guys at this concert. I saw one that resembled my history teacher, which was odd...
Here are all the songs Something Corporate played in order:
  • 21 and Invincible
  • Hurricane
  • She Paints Me Blue
  • Space
  • The Astronaut
  • Fall
  • Watch the Sky
  • Me and the Moon
  • Straw Dog
  • Only Ashes
  • Wait
  • Cavanaugh Park
  • I Want to Save You
  • Drunk Girl
  • As You Sleep
  • If You C Jordan
  • Punk Rock Princess
  • Konstantine
  • Ruthless
  • I Woke Up in a Car
Andrew wrote "Drunk Girl", when he was 16. The girl who he kissed was actually the quarterback's girlfriend. I think that's beyond awesome. "Konstantine" marked the beginning of the encore. I videotaped "As You Sleep" and "Konstantine" and I'm planning on uploading them to Youtube. Seeing Andrew live is always amazing, but seeing almost all of Something Corporate has to be the best thing ever for me. Something Corporate is one of the few things in my life that has been constant. They've been my favorite band for over four years and they've remained my favorite band throughout all my changes in interests...Thinking about it, they've been in my life longer than most of my friends...


  1. I recently went to a concert too. I went to a Coldplay concert. :]

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  3. nice concert review :3 i lvoe them :3

  4. great review. I've never heard of them but I will check them out. and LOL at kissing the quarter back's gf, way to go :D

  5. Kallie-I wanna go to a Coldplay concert! ><

    Kyandii**-You're welcome!

    Naka-You're a fan of them too? I love you even more now! :D

    Pop Champagne-Thank you! I felt like shouting "Way to go!" to Andrew, when he said that!


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