Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Francisco Trip

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We drove to San Francisco  on Friday and it took 9-10 hours and the drive back only took 6 hours. Weird, huh? Here are some photos I took during the trip. I'll do two separate posts for Megumi's travels and Rip-Rip's travels.
On the way up, the sun was setting and it all looked very pretty to me. I like the way the sun glare works in this photo too.
We ate at Andersen's Pea Soup because their pea soup is apparently famous. It was good, but I think my dad makes better pea soup. We also got fried chicken, but I'm sorry to say this, Po Folks makes the best fried chicken.
Aren't these sea lions so cute? I love how big and fluffy they are. I wanted to squish one, but it would probably rip my arm off...Oh these sea lions are still so cute. You can see them at Pier 39. I still prefer seals like my Mamegoma and Sirotan!
At Pier 39, they have a whole store dedicated to alpaca products, so my friend, Madeline, ought to like it. The fuzzy alpaca plushie was so cute. I wanted to get it for Madeline's birthday, but it wasn't for sale...
My family and I went to Alcatraz, which was super interesting. The tour was confusing and I got lost for awhile. I went to the bathroom and what did I find? I found my parents. They said something along the lines of, "You've had so much ice tea today, we figured you'd come here eventually."
I took quite a few photos of San Francisco, while on Alcatraz, but I'm only going to post pictures of two of them for now. It was such a cold and windy day, but apparently, it's always cold and windy there...
This was just a random building in San Francisco. I liked how the building sloped down. I thought it was pretty cool and it would be fun to run down the side of it.
This is a much better photo of the cable lines. I thought it was pretty cool because we don't have them in my town and in Los Angeles, they're hard to find and are usually in some pretty sketchy neighborhoods.
This is a cookie monster cake I saw at a supermarket. I thought Tiffany might like this and I thought it was rather cute. Pretty easy to do at home too, if you want to!
This was at a restaurant called Thai Noodle II in Berkeley. The food there was only ok, but I thought the lamps were cool. I edited the lighting a tiny bit to make it more interesting looking?

On the drive back, there was a fire, but luckily there were already 2 firefighter trucks there. We heard a third one on the way to the fire. Look at how much land it burned away! I originally thought the fire was started by a cigarette, but I started to think it was started by a car because I saw two tires on fire. I don't know how it started, but I'm glad the firefighters had it under control. Should I post Megumi's or Rip Rip's travels next?


  1. you have a great blog!and one new follower :P :)

  2. omggg i want that cookie monster cake! nom nom noms <3

  3. ElenaKat-Thank you so much! You're too sweet! The follow means tons and tons!

    Amanda-I wanted it too! So cute! *O* ♥

  4. ho my god your blog is so cuuuuute!!
    I ♥ it

  5. the US looks like a lot of fun. Ive never visited before. Thanks for sharing!

  6. La Robe De Peach-Thank you so much! ♥

    Nic Nic-You should definitely visit the USA one day! The USA has so much to offer! :)

  7. The cookie monster cake is both so cute and really tasty! Are those actual cookies they put in there? xD I love chocolate chip. *_*
    Your trip looked like a lot of fun. :3

    Oh, and thanks for tips on how to clean cell-phone charm plushies and about eyelet screws. ^_^ I really appreciated it!

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  9. dude ur right!!! i luv that cookie monster cake! it wuz seriously epic! :) if i ever c 1, ill think of u!! lik in real life i mean! :)

  10. P o o p e r-No problem! I believe they were real cookies. They certainly looked real! :)

    tiffzahnpasta-I'm glad you like it!


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