Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rilakkuma Party!

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Ok, so on Saturday (August 14), I went to a Rilakkuma Party with my good friend, Sophie. It was up in LA and the drive was SO long. During the drive there, Sophie and I had our stuffed animals talk to each other. She brought her medium sized Mamegoma and I brought 2 Mamegoma, 1 Sirotan, and 1 Rilakkuma.We got free gift bags with a key chain, notepad, pencil, and stickers. My dad used his moves to get another one for me, which is awesome. Sophie's dad was taking tons of pictures and her little brother is awesome because he likes cute stuff too!
A Rilakkuma in the window. My dad really liked this one.
 Another Rilakkuma in the window. I liked the face on this one.
 This was the complete store front for the pop up San-X store.
I wanted to buy the seal dressed as a dolphin in this picture, but this was DISPLAY ONLY. I thought that was pretty silly, since most of the people there were there to shop! Hahaha.
Here's another picture of the display! I like the little crown on the Mamegoma! There were so many cute things there!
I wanted to buy this for Tiffany because she's like the little chicky thing! Plus, this one was so cute!
This one was my dad's favorite. We wanted to get these two so very badly, but they were display only too!
Mamegoma! The one in the penguin suit is very much like mine, but mine is white with a blue muzzle!
Cute decoration in the store.
These were ultra cute too! The little penguin popping out of her shorts is funny to me for some reason!
I wanted this one so bad, but it was also display only! Everything I was dying to get was display only!
This was another Rilakkuma on display. It was super cute, but the clover tattoos on the belly were too Care Bear-ish for me.
I wanted to buy these two cuties for my friend, Madeline, because her Mamegoma has a handmade polka dot bow on it, so I thought these two would make cute twins!
I like the face on the little chicky thing. It looks so sleepy! The sleepy time Rilakkuma were also display only!
Rilakkuma boxers, only a real man would wear these. They were so expensive though! $15 for one pair!
This Mamegoma was to die for. It was topped with whipped cream and strawberries, but it wasn't for sale!
This is the top of the previous Mamegoma. Aren't the little Mamegoma key chains too cute?
More of the Rilakkuma/Mamegoma display that we could look at, but not take home!
More of the display. My favorite one is the little fuzzy one right in the corner on top of the Rilakkuma ears! It was so soft and cuddly!
They had someone dressed as Rilakkuma and I loved how chubby he looked! It took 3 people to help the person get out of the room and out to the picture taking area. Sophie and I got pictures with him! My cheeks looked so chubby from getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed, so no pictures for you. I'm gonna post more picture of what I've taken. I took tons of rebel pictures of my Rilakkuma named Megumi with the Display Only Rilakkumas. We weren't supposed to touch them, but I did. I'm such a rebel.


  1. I wanted the whipped cream one so badly!!
    Maybe I'll buy a really big pink one and decorate it with felt cream. X3

    I'm gonna link to you on my version of this post, ok?

  2. The Sopher Gopher-I want that Mamegoma so bad! ><♥ Yes, do link me! :)

  3. Mamegomas everywhere!!!! +w+ Woaaw!

    It's going to sound silly but, even when I was in Tokyo I didn't see THAT many all in the same spot. I was actually looking to buy more and couldn't find any TwT

    Aww I wish I could have gone! All the little mamegomas! Cuuutte~

  4. Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー-When I was in Tokyo, I didn't see that many San-X products to tell you the truth! I went to Kiddy Land, where there was tons of cute stuff, though! >w<

  5. i love the photos i wanna buy everything ^^

  6. Naka-Thank you so much! I want everything there too! ♥

  7. GOOOOSH TT___TT I ♥ Rilakkumaa
    In germany there aren't rilakkuma partys or sth like that.
    I envy u *sniff*

  8. Taiga-You live in Germany? I want to visit Germany so bad!

  9. I. Need. Rilakkuma.
    right now lol
    San-X products are cool and cuddly.

  10. They weren't boxers, they're this under garment that you wear and it's supposed 2 keep your stomach warm.

  11. Angela-I love how cuddly all their creatures are! :)

    Shamari-Really? That's so interesting! :o


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