Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kumihimo Tutorial

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I'm happy that I have 33 followers, but I'm depressed that school is starting in two days. This is something I learned at the Fair and I just wanted to share it with you. It's super simple and something you can do, while watching TV.
Take an old box and draw an octagon. Draw a line on each side of the octagon. Then draw a circle in the middle.
Cut out the circle and octagon. Then cut the lines on each side of the octagon. You should have something like this.
Cut seven pieces of yarn or embroidery thread of equal length. I cut the yarn to be four feet because I wanted it to be long enough to be a belt. Tie the ends of the yarn on one side.
Stick the yarn in each slot and there should be one empty one, if you do it correctly. Here's what it looks like.
Count 3 slots right to the empty slot and take the yarn from that slot and put it into the empty slot. Just like in the photo above. Hopefully, the arrow helps.
Repeat the step above. Kind of like in the picture above. You just repeat this again and again.
On the top, it should look like something like this. You don't have to use the same colors. I only used different colors to help make it easier to see.
On the bottom half it should look like this. Run your hands through the yarn, hanging from the bottom, to keep it from getting too tangled.
When you barely have any yarn left, like in the picture above, take it off the loom and tie up the end. Cut the yarn on the end, so it's one equal length.
When you're done, it should look like this. I hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any questions, just ask, and I'll try my best to help. It's really easy, but this tutorial is kind of confusing.


  1. ooh i get it
    that looks pretty simple :D

  2. Whoaaa, that looks so cool. I'm gonna try that some time.

    As unlikely as it might seem, I hope school goes well for you and that it'll be fun instead of depressing. So cheer up, Audrey.

  3. R E B E C CA-If you need help, I can show you, since we know each other!

    Vu-Thank you so much! You're so sweet! If you do do it, I wanna see!

  4. this is awesome! I'm a sucker for these things! but I only know a few styles and techniques, this is really new to me, I hope I'd be able to do it successfully xD

  5. Saving Capulet-It's really easy! If you need help, I can try to help you! ^-^

    PS If you're left handed, just count 3 to the left instead of 3 to the right!

  6. oh thats so cool ^^ i bought a foam one when i was in hong kong years ago. I think im gonna find it again ^^

  7. Naka-Good luck with finding it! ;)

  8. this is really cool!! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog !! ^_^ *hugs*

  9. Calia Yang-You're welcome! It's looks really nice to use to tie bows and such for presents!

  10. where did u get ur foam kumihimo in hong kong? cuz i can't find a place to buy it. where's the shop and whats the name?

  11. I'm not sure what you mean by foam kumihimo. I just made my own. :)

  12. o. which shops did u go to for all the supplies? like the string and stuff

  13. also, is there any designs that u could teach and show online? like diamond or striped pattern?

  14. Anonymous-You can buy yarn from any crafts store like Michael's or JoAnne's. The frame though, you have to make using a cardboard box or something. Unfortunately, this is the only pattern I know of.


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