Monday, August 30, 2010

Megumi's Day at the Pool

Mood: Anxious
Playing: Konstantine-Something Corporate
I took Megumi to the pool recently, just because I felt like it. Here are the pictures from the day.
Megumi was getting a tan, while drinking some of her favorite apple flavored soda. That button must give her a terrible tan line...
Megumi is such a little piggy. She decided a drink wasn't enough and had to go get chips to munch on! What a piggy...I never noticed how stubby her legs look, until I looked at this picture...
The sun got to be too much, so she moved into the shade. It took me awhile to get her to sit up straight. I'm starting to wonder how much food she brought with her. What a piggy...Tsk tsk tsk!
I'm entering Melludee's giveaway and I really hope I win! Wish me the best of luck!


  1. I really hope u win audrey!!! :) want me to try to help u win???

  2. i love your adverntures ^^ and i have just listened to their music and they are pretty cool :3 He sounds pretty cute :p

    im listening to 21 and invisible :p

  3. ...recently *coughcough* (:
    Haha you showed me those pictures in like June!!

  4. Megumi, your Korilakkuma, looks so adorable. :]

  5. You're so creative with Megumi. <333 I love it!

  6. tiffzahnpasta-Sure! I'll enter the Hawaii Kawaii one for you and you enter the Melludee for me?

    Naka-I love Something Corporate! Andrew is my favorite musician in the world!

    The Sopher Gopher-I'm pretending to it's still summer.

    Vu-Thank you so much! ><

    P o o p e r-Thank you!

  7. i love all your rilakkyma&korilakkuma adventure pics ; u ; you have so many adorable things! ♥

  8. insertcake-thank you! So do you! You have the most adorable outfits in the world!

  9. This is sooo cute ^_^ very cute blog ilove it!

  10. kaizokumousy-Thank you so much! ^-^


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