Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rip Rip's Adventures in Berkeley

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Here are Rip Rip's adventures in Berkeley.He's moving in and going to college. I wonder what classes he's taking...
Rip Rip decided to explore the town. He took some pictures of himself in the car, while we were driving around.
Rip Rip showing his super hero stance in front of Megumi's favorite house! Look at his satisfied expression!
Rip Rip on top of all the thing he brought for college! A backpack, a backrest, food, and all sorts of things.
Rip Rip in his dorm room. It doesn't have air conditioning, so he had to bring a fan. It was extra sunny that day!
Rip Rip by the printer and alarm clock! As you can tell, black is one of his favorite colors!
He had tons of fun playing with lasers! He even pretended to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, even though it isn't even close to Christmas time!
Rip Rip needs a room with a view. Luckily, he got one. Otherwise, he would've been very upset!
He has tons of books to read for all his classes and he's not looking forward to it at all.
Even though he has tons to read, he's tackling the challenge! Dante's Inferno is his least favorite so far!
No matter how much homework and studying Rip Rip has, he will still find time to rock out and do what he loves. He wants to start a band with his roommates! Rip Rip's adventures don't end here! Expect another Rip Rip post tomorrow and a Something Corporate post soon!


  1. Oh Rip Rip.
    So Rip Rip is taking your brother's place in college?

  2. The Sopher Gopher-Rip Rip is attending college with my brother. Rip Rip is enemies with my brother...

  3. I wonder if Rip Rip will do better than your brother in college.

  4. awh so cute ^^ i love him rocking it out :3

  5. Awwww so cute!! I hope he beats your brother at college ;)

    Thank you for commenting on my blogs <3 I appreciate it!! I always try and inject a little fun into my day!! And yeesh, I love my blog layout but yours is omgosh cuter!! I love the food theme, makes me hungry!

    And thank you for commenting on my nerdy blog too I hope to get stuff up on it soon!!

    Kitty x

  6. So cute! Thanks for your sweet comments too :) xxx

  7. Lol that's hilarious!

    Good luck in new school year Rip Rip!

  8. The Sopher Gopher-Well, you know Rip Rip is a genius!

    Naka-Isn't it? I love him rocking out too! :3

    KittyBonkers-You're welcome! Your blog seems like tons of fun!

    Natasha-You're welcome! ♥

    Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー-Rip Rip says thank you!

  9. What does Rip Rip want to major in? :'3

  10. P o o p e r-He isn't sure yet. Probably business or Pre-Med...Maybe architecture or something.

  11. Kaizokumousy-Thank you so much!!!! :)


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