Friday, August 27, 2010

Rip-Rip's Adventures in Berkeley Day 2

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I watched Project Runway last night and I was really upset that AJ went home. I wanted Gretchen or Ivy to go home...Sorry that I went a bit off topic. Here are some more photos of Rip Rip's adventures in college.
It was colder today, so Rip Rip bundled up in a scarf to keep himself warm. It got in his way though, so he ended up taking it off.
Rip Rip brought  plenty of food and drinks to keep him full. At least, until he found a Target or supermarket, where he could find some more food to eat.
Rip Rip decided to admire the view from the second floor of the building. He had a hard time getting up to the window, though, and an even harder time getting down.
Rip Rip with his roommate. I'm not sure what the name of the panda is. Maybe Rip Rip will let us know.
Rip Rip finished making his bed and wanted to show off what a good job he did. This will probably be the first and last time the bed is all nice and tidy.
Rip Rip is crawling or walking his way to the pillow, so he can get a good night's sleep. What does Rip Rip do? Crawl? Walk? Hop?
Rip Rip getting all cozy under the blankets. He's ready to go to sleep because he had a long rough day.
Rip Rip finally got all nice and cozy. He's ready for some sleep and ready to tackle the challenges of a new day!
Here's a bonus photo that my brother sent me. It's Rip Rip's first day of school. I hope their classes aren't too hard. Wish them luck!


  1. Rip Rip is so cute! I saw Sophie's post on your Rilakkuma trip =D I wish I went there on Saturday instead b/c it looks like that's when all the fun took place. Oh well!

    Following <3

  2. Shop N' Chomp-I did some posts too. Was the nail deco fun?

  3. Gretchen's ego is so huge. I think she should've gone home.
    Rip Rip :D

  4. The Sopher Gopher-I really don't like Gretchen! DX

  5. i have a deviant art but im hardly on it XD

  6. your blog is like cute overload! love this.

  7. Aww wow! that is a really cute plushie!
    did you make Rip Rip? :O
    Goodluck at school Rip Rip <3
    Yup I do my own drawings on my blog. Thank you for dropping by sweetums!

    TC Gerry ♡

  8. Naka-I'll have to check it out! ><

    thelayeredpancake-Thank you! I love cute overload! :D

    Nathalie Kartika Putri-Thank you! Rip Rip's room mate is blushing! Hahaha

    Gerrytales-Yeah, I made Rip Rip. Your drawings are so amazing! ^-^

  9. aldjkls I WANT A RIP RIP. This is far too adorable! Actually, he kind of reminds me of Flat Stanley. You know? That paper doll thing that was all the rage to carry around and take pictures with?


  10. rip rip is the cutest thing i have ever seen o.o

  11. Lexy @ Quirky Explosion-In 3rd grade, we had to send Flan Stanley around and he was kind of like a chain mail! XD

    Saving Capulet-Thank you so much! You're making Rip Rip blush! ><

  12. waaa rip rip is cute ^,^ sooo cute story too!

  13. kaizokumousy-Thank you so much! :)


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