Monday, October 4, 2010

Rip Rip's College Adventures!

Mood: Miserable
Playing: Say You Don't Want It-One Night Only
I've really been into British bands at the moment...I'm still listening to lots of Andrew McMahon music. At the moment, I have Say You Don't Want It stuck in my mind. In class, I had, "The big screens, the plastic-made dreams. Say you don't want it, say you don't want it!" stuck in my head. Today, it rained a bit, but I still had lacrosse practice. During practice, my shoes got soaked through and I was freezing...I also had some other bad things go on today. As you can see, my day wasn't exciting, so I wanted to do a Rip Rip post. These are all pictures my brother took for you guys!
Like all universities, there's a lot of studying involved. Too bad, Rip Rip couldn't get out of it. I think his studying goes better than mine. The information flows right out of my brain, so I can't remember important things.
Rip Rip went on a walk at night. See those two glowing dots in the middle? Those are raccoon eyes! His friend got scared, so they had to leave right then and there.
Rip Rip needed some energy after his tiring exam, so he decided to get an energy drink!
Rip Rip decided to widen his music interests and went to a Far East Movement concert. He liked it very much!
Rip Rip had to do my bother's laundry for some reason. Rip Rip wasn't happy about it at all! Don't let that smile fool you!
He was so stressed out about the exams and the laundry, that he tried to hang himself. Then he realized he has no neck to hang from, so he got down feeling rather silly.
While Rip Rip was walking around, he came across some abandoned animals. He felt rather bad for them, but then he realized they were just hobos...
Rip Rip made a new friend! I believe her name is Esther, but I can't be 100% sure about that...
Apple decided to go and visit Rip Rip up at college. Apple couldn't get into Rip Rip's college(BECAUSE HE NEVER STUDIED), so he's going to a community college.  After a few days of Apple's visit, Rip Rip decided he had enough of Apple and sent him home. Did I forget to mention that Apple broke Rip Rip's lab top?
If you want to read more things about Rip Rip, click here and here! Also, check out kaizokumousy's short story! I think it's super cute! Hope you liked my short story, as in very short! Let's see, I'm thinking of starting a question of the day for my blog...
What's your favorite funny, random quote?
Mine is from a friend of mine named Jessica. "I laugh at my own jokes because I'm fucking hilarious!" Sorry for the cussing, if it offended you. I usually don't put cussing on my blog, unless I think it's important.


  1. oh i think me and rip rip would get along so well i love eneergy drinks and i saw one night only before they were famous around 5 years ago I think XD

  2. This was really funny and entertaining! xD Omg, you are honestly awesome at this. Your brother is so nice for taking pictures of Rip Rip's adventures!

    but then he realized they were just hobos...

    ahhhh <3333

    Aww man, I hope things start getting better for you Audrey! ;_;

  3. R E B E C C A-Oh how clever of you, REST IN PEACE=RIP. :3

    KittyBonkers-THANK YOU! :D

    ♥Chocolate Lover♥-Thanks! :)

    Naka-Lucky! I want to see them live! :3 You and Rip Rip should meet haha!

    P o o p e r-Thank you! Hahaha, I'll try to pick up my moods! :)

  4. Nic Nic-Thank you! You're username is kind of like Rip Rip! ><


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