Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Mood: Excited
Playing: Nothing Currently
Just wanted to drop in and share this cute picture with you! Hope you have a great Halloween! I still need to carve my pumpkins, so expect a pumpkin post, Halloween post, and 2 Japanese festival posts!


  1. eee such cute plushies <33 i can't wait to see the pumpkins you carved and your halloween outfit!

  2. ur hello kitty is so cute ^^ happy halloween :)

  3. amanda-The plushies say thank you! I'll try to get them up as fast as possible! I just need to finish my homework first! .__.

    Naka-Thank you! Hope you had fun on Halloween too! :)

  4. Oh cute pic, I love the black kitty (L)

  5. Kira Sakurai-Thank you! You can get the kitty from Gaia, but I got mine at Anime Expo! XD


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