Monday, November 29, 2010

Feeding the Ducks With My New Buddy

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I went to go feed the ducks some bread and tortillas over the break. It was extraordinarily chilly, but not as cold as today. It was only 41 degrees today, which is super cold for California. There was crisp white frost on my lawn and roof. I don't remember ever seeing that before. I remember one time, when I was little (I believe 2nd grade?), we would exhale and we could see our breath. Back to the point, I brought one of my new Rilakkumas and some of his friends along to help feed the ducks.
Here are a bunch of the ducks and quite a few Canadian geese were there too! In the corner, you can see my blue Pickles the Frog, whom I named William.
There are a few ducks there, who have these super cute pastel blue beaks. They're a lot calmer in nature than the other ducks and I find them adorable.
Sergeant Chicky Poo fed the ducks some tortilla pieces. My dad came up with the Chicky Poo part and I came up with the Sergeant part to toughen him up! One time I accidentally called him Sergeant Pepper...Please excuse my Beatles reference.
This picture was mostly to show off my new Rilakkuma and an onigiri plushie that I made. His name is Frank.
At the end of the day, I realized that I had been a complete and total rebel. In fact, no duck feeding was to be allowed at that park. Luckily, I didn't get caught so it's ok. I enjoyed the crisp clean autumn weather and made a few ducks very pleased.
What do you like to do in your free time?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

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I'm fairly depressed right now right now because school starts tomorrow and I had this past week off for Thanksgiving. I always feel this way before going back to school, after a long break. I know it's going to be alright, but I still feel a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, and depression before going back. For Black Friday, I got a sewing machine and some fabric that I plan to turn into a Lolita skirt. It's about time that I got a sewing machine actually. For practice, I'm going to sew up a hot pink bow for my new backpack. I just need to figure out the bobbin and I'm ready to go. I'm just going to do a photo dump of my Thanksgiving meal. I hope you don't mind.
This is our turkey, which my dad and I cooked.
This is the turkey once we carved it.
These are mushrooms my great aunt mailed us.
This is some stuffing my dad and I made.
This is are mashed sweet potatoes and our gravy.
This is shrimp skewered on a thing of broccoli.  
These are home made onion rolls. The steam was coming up towards my camera, so that's why the coloring is funny. 
This was the first year we had three pies. My family bought one and my brother's roommate, Joon, walked in with 2 pies. Needless to say, we had way too many pies.
This is a Chinese dessert that my grandpa made. I hope all of you guys had absolutely wonderful Thanksgivings, filled with food and family.
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get anything on Black Friday?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Disney Brings the Spirit of Chrsitmas Home

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you eat tons of yummy foods and of course, turkey! I know I sure will. My dad and I cooked everything together, but it was mostly my dad...Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my mum because Disneyland is always so much fun. Plus, Disneyland always has the most amazing Christmas decorations!
According to the newsman, it was supposed to rain, so that explains the depressing grey clouds. It rained at night, so the newsman was right for once. What do you think of the Mickey Mouse wreath? I want one on my door.
This is Cinderella's castle. It's one of the smaller castles out of the Disney parks, but this one is the original, which in my mind, makes it the best!
So this is how they find out how long the line takes! I always wondered how they did that and for the first time in my life, I got the card. I thought it'd be funny to give it to the person at the back of the line, when I get to the front, just to mess with the wait time!
It's a Small World always has such nice light decorations. This is the outside and I think it's pretty amazing.
This is more of the decorations from the ride above. It's just so happy and puts me right in the Christmas mood.
Just another picture of the Christmas lights. How can this not put you in a good mood? Doesn't it make you want to give?
I took a bunch of pictures inside the ride because the decorations are the best on this ride.
Looking at these lights, gives me ideas for how I'm going to decorate my house for Christmas.
I love this wreath and I kind of want one for my house. It looks like pieces of candy surrounded by powdered sugar. That's so me, always thinking about food.
That's really all anyone wants during the holidays. We all want peace on Earth and just want everyone to be happy. I sound so cheesy, don't I? Now you're probably wondering why I only took pictures of one ride, right? It's because I only wanted pictures of the Christmas decorations and It's a Small World has the best decorations in the whole theme park. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving and great food, I must end this post.
Have you ever been to Disneyland or any other Disney theme park? What did you think of it?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Late Birthday Presents

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I asked my friend, Megan, who I haven't seen in forever, what we were even talking about before and this is what she responds with, "I'm pretty sure it's something about Romeo and Juliet getting killed by Chuck Norris." How did we even come up with such a topic? Quite odd, huh? I just thought I'd share with you my birthday gifts that came a tad late. Never less, I still feel the love from my friends!
This is my super cute birthday gift from Tina. She got me a cute tofu cell phone holder, which I'll be using to hold my ipod, which always seems to be lost...I always find it though! She also gave me that cute little puppy key chain. The card was actually written on Shugo Chara stationary, which she then folded up to look like Amu's shirt!
Clare got me a super cute Hello Kitty cell phone charm, which I should layer with my other random Hello Kitty jewelry. Clare's letter was so sweet and the back (not pictured) was the best part. It said something like: To Audrey, a friend who has done a gazillion good things for me, half of it being homework help and the other half, things that are only known between us.
The chocolate bar is from this charity group I'm part of. They give a chocolate bar to everyone on their birthdays...Meanwhile, Hannie gave me a super wonderful gift. He gave me a $15 gift card to a local shop that sells random cute things, which I'll use to buy most likely stationary! I couldn't picture it because it had the address on it, but the gift card was super cute! He also gave me a coupon, which forces him to say I win. It's an inside joke! Haha, the expiration date is November 31st, which doesn't exist. When I told him that, he was like, "Took you long enough to notice!" Hannie is always doing things like that to me!
I just got this gift from Rebecca last night. She gave me so much compared to past years, so I was beyond shocked, but a pleasant shock. Although, I didn't up my game this year, so I'll make up for it for her Christmas present. She gave me such cute things. I especially adore the Rilakkuma stationary pack and the flan charm. I'm always on the hunt for flan items for some reason...Anyways, that's it for this post. By the way, I really recommend for you to check out the clearance racks or even the clothing in the opposite gender's area. I just got a great fedora from the guys' clerance section for only $10, when it's original price was $28!
Do you enjoy writing letters to your friends or family?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Megumi Wants to be a Blog Hoarder

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Yesterday, in lacrosse, we ran 2 1/2 miles and then we did 40 hill sit-ups. Hill sit ups are where you lie on a hill with your head at the bottom and the feet towards the top and then you continue doing sit ups normally. It hurts like crazy. Then today, coach didn't show up, so one of the team captains coached us. She made us do all sorts of different drills and ab workouts, including push up planks, which are painful and too hard to explain...By the way, this post was written a long time ago from around Halloween time, so excuse me, if this seems terribly outdated.
Megumu, my little Rilakkuma, was being a camera hoarder, much like my friend, Maggie. The two of them have something in common, both love to take photos of themselves! Haha, here are some photos that Megumi demanded for me to put online from I think two different days?
I went to an Taiwanese style restaurant and ordered Apple Green Tea. Megumi immediately stole it from me! She may look cute and innocent, but she isn't!
After she got a firm grip on my drink, she ended up eating my lunch too, forcing me to order more food for myself! I hope she enjoyed my noodles and soup!
When it was time for me to toss the Megumi pumpkin, Megumi almost cried because she loved it that much! I almost felt bad about tossing it, until I remembered that she had stolen my dinner! Megumi isn't to be trusted. On a side note, I blame the internet for my horrible eyesight. My eyesight is getting worse and it's probably because I spend too much time online, commenting on blogs and stuff like that. I'll blame it on email and blogging!
Do you have to wear glasses? If so, is it 24/7 or is it only in class?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Fair and Updating my Wardrobe

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I wanted to share with you my craft fair experience and my recent purchases. I think I spent more at the craft fair than I actually made! Haha, I spent my money mostly on food now that I think about it. The money I did make were mostly sales to other vendors. Before the craft fair though, I thought my wardrobe needed an update. I wanted to clean out my graphic t-shirts and get some pieces that were more like "stand out" pieces. To sum it up, I want to have a more chic wardrobe and a less cutesy closet...
I'll start out with the craft fair stuff first to make sure I actually write about it. The two vendors next to me were very nice. One of them, Hannah, was a college student and she was selling both handmade goods and food. She gave me a chocolate covered strawberry for free. It was so tasty! She gave my booth tons of other treats too like cupcakes and cookies. The other vendor was a mum with her six year old and the six year old made all the pieces there! They were very lolita, but I doubt the girl knows what lolita is...
This is everything that I got at the craft fair. The five pins were from a vendor called Ninja VS Pirate and were all free! The earrings were from another vendor and I got the white ones for Tina's Christmas gift and the blue ones for myself. The cell phone charm was from Hannah and she gave it to me for free. The necklace I bought from Hannah too.
This is what makes the necklace so incredible. You can open the letter up and take out a little love letter. Hannah had tons of really cute necklaces. I was tempted to get 3 other necklaces from her because she had so many amazing pieces! At the end of the craft fair, Hannah had no idea what to do with all her baked goods because she couldn't give them out for free because people had paid for them already, so her boyfriend screamed, "VENDOR PARTY!" Haha, I thought it was pretty funny...
I bought this from Urban Outfitters because they were having a huge sale, selling all their summer goods. This was originally a $48 item that I got for $10. Such a great price for an item so unique and pretty. It has layers of a soft breezy fabric and black lace. I don't know how I'm going to layer this piece for the colder months that are sure to come.
I finally found a fabulously unique looking military style jacket that looks like it would blend wonderfully right into the "Welcome to the Black Parade" music video. (As you can see, I really can't wait for the My Chemical Romance album to come out.) Personally, I would've preferred the jacket to be a tad more over the top like Sasha's jacket, but what do you expect for a jacket that I got at such a  low price? Also, I've been trying to find a jacket like this for many months now.
Finally, I got a flowy poncho style sweater because ponchos are starting to show up again in gyaru fashion. Not to mention, that this piece can pull into a chic look or a more indie look.
Are any of you trying to update your wardrobe? If so, describe your current closet look and tell me what type of wardrobe you're aiming for now! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Birthday

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Last Wednesday (November 10), was my birthday and I spent it a tad differently than I usually do. Of course I said, "Happy Birthday!" to Clyde and Colin, who are twins born on the same day as me. Madeline thought Monday was the 10th, so she took me out for lunch at Panera, where we both got the delicious macaroni and cheese. Then, when she realized it was the 8th, she was all like, "I guess I'm turning this into your birthday week now..." Some of my friends knew it was my birthday, but I don't like to tell the whole school because well, actually I don't know why. Once I got out of school, I ended up going birthday shopping for Rebecca, not me. I had some of her gift done, but not all of it. Here are the actual pictures from my birthday and of course, the gifts.
When I got home, I saw three balloons in my favorite color, blue. I just love blue so much. My mum told me there was another blue balloon she was about to get, until she realized that the words on it said, "IT'S A BOY!"
I had a birthday pie, instead of cake because the only cake I like is super expensive and because I wanted a French Apple Pie. I don't know why there are 13 candles because I didn't turn 13 this year...
Here are the gifts from my friends! Oh, Tiffany got such a cute bag for me. It's the one that I saw on Hawaii Kawaii!
This is my birthday present from Tiffany. She got me a mamegoma notepad, a Rilakkuma pencil/pen, and an oyasumi bakura plushie. I named my oyasumi bakura plushie Naomi and she loves to eat and eat!
Here's a gift from Hilary and this little piece of sushi is too cute! I named her Shirley Sue Shi. Get it? Shirley Sue and her last name is Shi! Oh, how very punny of me...
This was part of Madeline's gift for me. They're chocolate covered Madelines and they're so tasty! I hadn't had them for a year or so, so I was super happy to get these!
These were the rest of my gift from Madeline. She got me a folder, stationary, stickers, a book, and a mustache pin. My favorite part of my present from her was actually the card she wrote because it's so funny and kind of true. According to the spell check on blogspot, I spelled "kind" wrong...
Here are my gifts from my mum and dad...Let's open them up and see what's inside!
My parents got me two fashion books and a fashion magazine. As you can probably tell, I'm really into high end fashion and when I grow up, I want to work with one of my three loves(fashion, food, and cute things!).
Here are the rest of my gifts from my mum and dad. I named the Rilakkuma Jun because in SA, the twins are named Megumi and Jun. Then my Korilakkuma is named Megumi, so my Rilakkuma had to become Jun. Plus, I have friends named Megumi and Jun.
I ended up trading in the French chicky for the chicky in the rainbow suit. My parents agreed with me that this one was cuter, but I feel bad about trading in the French chicky...Oh yeah, Rebecca showed this video on her blog and I realized that this video has labeled me as a terrible artist. I don't think so, though, because a lot of people are still learning to draw.
Why is there a zipper on the back of Rilakkuma? Why can Korilakkuma unzip her friend?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Craft Fair Products

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Lately, I've been enjoying A Rocket to the Moon a lot more than I used to. I also haven't been listening to as much Nickasaur as I did a few months ago, so I'm getting back into the habit of listening to him because his music makes me smile.
Why am I excited you may ask? I'm going to be doing the craft fair today and tomorrow! I hope I can make some money off of this because San-X stuff is not cheap and they came out with something I really, really want! I decided I wanted to do a post showing you what I'm selling and hopefully, you'll like it. Originally, I had all these grand plans for today's post such as, another Megumi post, a rainy day photos post, a change in me post, or my birthday post! Instead, you (my lovely followers) got stuck with this, a post about my products!
Here's a small sample of my key chains that I made. I made both onigiri with "^-^" faces and strawberries.
Here are my super cute and super useful watermelon pouches. I made one for myself during summer and I use it to carry all sorts of things. I decided to sell them at the craft fair because they're just so useful!
I made some cake plushies too. The red ones are my red velvet cakes and the pink one is a strawberry cake. My dad sewed the strawberries on and he did the whipped cream part for me.
Here are my lovely flan plushies and a lollipop plushie. My friend, Lauren, already said that she wanted a short flan from me!
Here are some tarts I made. They're really cute and I think they make great decoration. Many of my friends have said that they like the blueberry and strawberry ones. Then Hilary said on Facebook, "No love for cranberries? D:"
Sorry that this photo is so cruddy. I took it last night, so we're working with the lighting in my house, which as I have stated before, stinks horribly. These were some extra tarts I made. We have a strawberry one with cream and a chocolate caramel one. The chocolate squares actually have little hearts embroidered on them!
Last, but most definitely the best, are my Frank the Onigiri plushies. I just love these ones so much, but I have this suspicion that I won't sell these ones for some reason...Hopefully, at this craft fair, I'll sell tons and tons, though. The only reason why I think I might not sell much is because maybe the people there just don't understand food plushies with faces. Maybe it's too Asian? The sad part about this craft fair is I'm missing art class, which is so much fun because the people in it are all so crazy and fun! I did a makeup art class yesterday and the people in it weren't half as interesting, but Frank, from my class, was there, so we talked a bit. By the way, I did not name the Onigiri plushies after Frank, my friend. In fact, I had never met him before, when I named the Onigiri plushies.
Do you like it when people use emoticons in their blog posts? Such as  ^-^, :), XD, T^T, etc? Do you find it cute or unprofessional?