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On May 19, I was confirmed in the Catholic faith. After two years of attending late, Confirmation classes on week nights, I finally was confirmed along with so many of my amazing friends. It's truly a great feeling to finally go through this sacrament after so much preparation. Before our actual mass, where we got confirmed, we had to listen to instructions on how to line up, which we understood as, "Please take as many photos now as you want!" So here I am, from left to right, with Clare, Daniela, Krishan, Nissa, me, and Chelcee.
Left to Right: Me, Chelcee, Krishan, and Sara
During the actual lecture on how to behave during mass, Chelcee pulled out her iphone to take more photos.
We had a hard time squeezing all four of us in the photo, so I had to sit on Chelcee's lap and then Sara could finally pop herself into the photo. I'm not really sure what they talked to us about because well, I wasn't really listening, but I didn't mess up during mass, so I'm assuming I followed the instructions.
After mass, I took more photos with everyone and my dad greeted me with a huge bouquet of roses, lilies, and astromeria lilies. Unfortunately, all the incense and the chrism from mass gave me a bad headache, so I had to go back home quickly to wash off the chrism and take some Motrin. The chrism's smell really knows how to stick to you. I was rubbing my forehead so hard to clean it off, I actually cut myself...
Once I was done changing into normal clothes and washing the chrism off my forehead, I went off to Todai with some family friends to celebrate my Confirmation. My dad always tells me not to get the udon at buffets because noodles are cheap and "we need to get our money's worth." I still get the udon though and I like it every time. However, I hope we did get our money's worth because I ate quite a bit of seafood that day!
The desserts are only alright at Todai, but they're so nicely presented! The Japanese always make all their food look beautiful. If you want further proof, check out FuckYeahBentoBox, which is full of amazing bento boxes and bento box ideas! However, I've noticed that sometimes Asian pastries aren't as delicious as their European counterparts. So do you choose beauty or taste? I almost always choose taste over beauty. If you ever go to Todai, I do not recommend the matcha green tea cake with red bean filling. It's really odd tasting and Jaren, who was there with us that night, said, "It looks like Yoda's dandruff." So there you go, Asian desserts are beautiful yet bland in most of my experiences...
A photo I stole from Sophie's blog of me studying for the AP tests with my new, black hair!
By the way, did I mention my hair is "Back in Black" now? I asked my hair stylist to dye my brown hair back to my natural color, but she made it a really fake, inky black like a raven. I like it though. It reminds me of my "punk" days and I like looking hardcore. The inky black emphasizes how pale my skin is, which apparently Asian guys dig (according to my guy friends). However, my friends, Shayan and Sagiv, have been arguing over which hair color they prefer on me. I walked in with black hair and Shayan screamed at me, "No, your hair is black! Dye it back now!" And then Sagiv yelled back, "No, I've been telling her to dye it black now for over a year!"
Have you been Confirmed? Also, what hair color do you like the best?


  1. woah that food looks so good! Haha cool about your hair, mine is blue at the moment :)


  2. You look so lovely!
    It's rare to see you
    in a dress :P well
    atleast for me..

    I hope the headache
    didn't cause alot of

    The food looks great,
    the dessert <3 and yeah
    Japanese not only makes
    food looks cute, also
    other stuff as well!


  3. congrats on your confirmation :) I've always wanted to try black hair but can't commit to dying my hair, ha.

    xoxoxo form NYC :)

  4. Great pictures! Food looks so yummy!


  5. The food looks delicious! Kisses

  6. congrats! great photos you look great ! xo

  7. Hi dear, congrats! You all look so pretty and the confirmation sounds and looks like went wonderfully well.

  8. oh the food looks good, and congrats on confirming and making new friends :)

  9. yummy food,and great pictures darling! :)

    mind following each other on gfc? let me know!:)

  10. Cute photos! Congrats on your confirmation!


  11. naivebones-You totally win. I've been wanting blue hair for five years now...D:

    Ice Pandora-The Japanese make everything look super cute, even toilet paper! Also, I barely wear dresses, so it's not just you! ^^

    Love, Y-Try on a wig to see, if you like the color! Wigs are a nice way to test out hair colors and hair styles before actually committing yourself. :)

    Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska-Thank you!

    Patts-It was quite tasty. :)

    Lotus Blossom Design-Thank you so much! ♥

    Sam-Thank you! c:

    Pop Champagne-Thank you! And actually, those are mostly old friends of mine. (:

    Gabriele-Thank you!

    Giovanna-Thank you so much! And you're name sounds so fancy! :D


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