Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reunion of the Inception Group

Playing: We Are Young-Fun. Feat. Janelle Monáe
Reading: The Sandman: The Doll's House by Neil Gaiman 
Left to Right: Josh, Me, Chelcee, and Sophie
Two years ago, I went to go see Inception with my really awesome friends, Chelcee, Josh, Sophie, and Aadil. When we got there, we asked Josh to get us drinks and he came back with an extra large drink for all five of us to share, as pictured above, and when Inception finished, we all argued over whether it was a dream or not. We all ended up splitting up and going to different schools a year ago and if we are at the same school, we no longer hang out with each other every single second of the day. Well, we decided it was time for a reunion this year.
Left to Right: Chelcee's Mint Milk, Aadil's Taro Milk, My Barley Milk Tea, and Sophie's Honey Green Tea
It started off with a text from Aadil asking me to bring him somewhere to get taro milk and before I knew it, I had planned out a meetup for all of us. Unfortunately, Josh couldn't make it last minute, so it ended up being just Chelcee, Aadil, Sophie, and me. We all got drinks and chatted with each other about life, school, college, the future, One Direction, and people that used to go to school with us before we ordered our lunches.
Left to right: Aadil, Sophie, Me, and Chelcee
Of course, we had to get a group photo together because we all love each other so deeply and wholeheartedly that it would be a crime not to get a photo together. It was funny how the waiter looked at Aadil and told him, "Dude, you're so lucky. Three girls with you! You're the man." I always have such a great time with these people. They're really great and I love how carefree we are with one another. I love how comfortable we are with each other and how we can say whatever we want with no fear of being judged or deemed weird.
After lunch, Chelcee left us and I was left with Aadil and Sophie. We headed off to a teacher's supply store, a dried fruits and tea shop, a Sanrio gift store, a Taiwanese book store, and ended up in the candy plus snacks aisle of a Chinese super market. We walked around the super market hoping to find some taro snacks for Aadil, but couldn't seem to find anything worthwhile, so we set off for a thrift book store and then ended the day chatting at the library about whatever went through our heads.
I used my Jason Wu for Target purse for the first time at our reunion and let me tell you something, this bag might have made me a big purse type of person. I've always preferred miniscule purses that can only fit the basics, but I really like having a bag that can carry everything! 
I was able to fit my cellphone, wallet, and camera (not pictured) plus so much more! Normally, I can only fit those three things, but it was nice to be able to purchase a book and a tea square and not have to carry a shopping bag. Plus, the purse's pockets were so useful and made room for a deck of cards plus some candy, some medicine, and a chap stick. Talk about a lot of room, huh? I might need to upgrade to larger purses soon.
Are you a small or large purse person?


  1. This post reminds me of how I can't wait to hang out with my friends back home!
    What place are those drinks from? They look awesome.

  2. i miss my 'old' friends, too but since we all moved it is difficult to meet. some i meet at festivals, some only for a word or two on facebook. youre a lucky person, too <3

    what exactly does that purple milkshake taste like?!

    and i guess im more of a medium bag person XD dunno...

  3. Haha Inception... I remember watching it with my friend and we were so confused afterwards. xD
    Hm I prefer big bags. P: I always have a lot of stuff to carry. I like carrying a book around to read haha.
    Aw I used to carry cards around as well! I'm not sure where they are now though. |:

  4. Tehehe, there's nothing
    better than stroll around
    at shops with friends c:
    Fun reunion!

    Inception is a veeerry
    good movie I think, great
    concept and story!
    And Leonardo <3


  5. prancing bee-They're from a neighborhood cafe. You're seeing your friends soon? Sounds fun!

    kakuidori-The purple milk is made with taro, which is kind of nutty and it's hard to explain. If you get the chance, you should try it though. :)

    Hilary-You used to carry cards? Fun! I remember cards were banned at my elementary school because they were thought to promote gambling or something. .__.

    Ice Pandora-Leonardo is gorgeous! :D

  6. awwww what a great reunion!!! glad u guys had a chance to catch up. inception was an awesome movie, left me so confused hahahaha

  7. ShinyPrettyThings-That's the best part about Inception! It's confusing! :D

    Le garcon avec les lunettes-Parlez-vous francais? Et merci pour votre commentaire! :)


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