Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Over the weekend, I visited a Daiso with Sophie for some quick, inexpensive shopping and as a getaway from studying. I'm really glad that Daiso is expanding across the USA because it's like a 99¢ Store, only with goods that I'll actually use and it's always clean, even if it gets messy. I also like how all of the employees are friendly, super helpful, and can speak English.
I've been so tempted to buy a new pencil pouch for myself because mine is so dirty right now and covered with ink stains, but I restrained myself. With only one more month of school, I can definitely wait for summertime to come, when I can wash my pencil case and wait for it to dry. However, Daiso has some really cute options! They have cute, strawberry shaped bento boxes and ice packs shaped like baby ducks too.
They also sell cheap, gyaru style makeup there, which doesn't really excite me. I don't wear makeup at the moment, so this photo is pretty much just meant to show you a tiny bit of what they offer. Sophie bought a pair of eyelashes there and she seemed pretty satisfied with them. Ask her for opinions on the overall quality?
Daiso also sells candies, snacks, and various ingredients for Asian cuisines. I really like their candy selection and so does my chemistry teacher. In fact, I bought a bag of blueberry candy for myself and for him. We like to exchange different candies with each other, so it's a pretty interesting teacher-student friendship right now. It's great to see that Daiso covers both of our sweet tooths though!
My parents like the wall with all the mugs and plates because they really want to get rid of our dishes, bowls, and cups that we've had since the 1970's, but they don't feel like spending a lot. I'm hoping they'll go for something really modern or all white, but they'll probably go for something traditional. As you can probably tell, Daiso just sells a tiny bit of everything, even inflatable boobs, which my friend, Erika, bought for her boyfriend.
No shopping post would be complete without a photo of what I bought, right? I bought one notebook to use for my journal and one as my travel notebook along with some fluffy yarn, pretty lace, tasty candy, cheap sticky notes, and some lotion. The leopard print pouch I got to use as wrapping for my friend, Parmida's, animal print themed birthday party. Also, I bought something crazy like 16 cans of pineapple-coconut water, which I like to drink after school. Sophie told me she thinks, "I buy all my food in bulk." That's not true, only the stuff I like. I've already made some super adorable pop-kei/fairy-kei looking bows using the yarn and some buttons I bought at Joanne's Fabrics plus I've started to fill out one of the notebooks.
Have you ever been to a Daiso before?


  1. omgosh LOVE daiso.. it's like one of my favorite stores on the planet.. there's nothing like that here in germany tho.. but i use to frequent diaso atleast once a month when i was still living in SF!

  2. I am so, so happy they opened one here in SoCal! I always visit the San Fran one when I go up north. I've yet to visit the one here but it looks they have some great stuff!

  3. Lisa-That's such a shame that there's no Daiso in Germany. On the bright side, I've heard that Daiso wants to expand across the globe. :)

    Geeky Glamorous-I used to go to the one up in Berkeley, so I'm also very excited to find one in SoCal! ^^

  4. Gahh I can't wait to go back to the west coast and go to a daiso! Everyone's been posting about it and it makes me want to go even more! I'm going to spend so much there $_$

  5. Daiso = Jusco right?
    Then yes, I've been
    to this store before!

    I love cheap bargains
    teheh <3 and yeah,
    I used to go crazy when
    I see cute pencases.
    But then again, they
    aaalways gets dirty
    after a while so why
    keep buying new ones?

    xx ♥

  6. Let's go back for more flowers so I can make more hair clips (:

  7. /Reply: 4th picture is an earcuff c: xx

  8. This is so so so cute, I WANT THIS SHOP IN THE UK NEAR ME!! I'd never have any money!

  9. LOVE Daiso!!! i always walk out w bags full of useless items hhahahhaa i love the candy & snacks they have. their false lashes are pretty decent for the price too.

  10. prancing bee-I should take you there! Haha, I spent too much there on yarn and snacks. D:

    riysse-ME TOO! :D

    Ice Pandora-Oh my, there's just so much to look at! And I always want a new pencil case, but I'm trying to keep myself from buying any new ones from now on.

    sophie-cat-I'm guessing, since you cut your's up, we're not doing the photo shoot. Want to buy my set from me then?

    bollykecks-Haha, I know! If I were to go there too often, I'd be broke! :'D

    ShinyPrettyThings-That's the problem. Everything is so cheap that you say, it's not that expensive at all, so you walk out with all this random stuff! D:

  11. Daiso is the best! Every time I go, I buy so much stuff. U__U But it's so worth it!! They opened one in Torrance so now I don't have to wait until I visit NorCal. ^^

  12. I've not visited the one in USA before but looking at your pictures, I'm sure they are 10x larger than the ones here in Singapore! Sure would love to visit one in USA. Daiso is one of my fav shopping places :D

  13. Tricia Isabel-Everything is so cheap that I always say, "It's only $1.50! Might as well get it!" And then I leave with too much stuff. D:

    Miniature Patisserie Chef-It's pretty large the one I went to. It's about the size of a supermarket, if that helpes for a size reference. ^^


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