Sunday, May 6, 2012

Laguna Beach

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When you live in Southern California, it's mandatory that you visit the beach at least once during Spring Break and Summer Vacation. It's practically a law, since the weather is always so sunny here. Laguna Beach is probably most well known from the TV show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. You know, the show with Lauren Conrad showing us how awesome life is as a pretty girl in a pretty town? What's nice about Laguna Beach is the wide collection of art galleries, beach wear stores, and small, artsy boutiques. It's really quite a quaint area and it's filled with stereotypical Californians, which is a good thing for tourists.
The Chicken Divan Crepes at C'est La Vie are excellent and the sauce is great for dipping their fresh baguettes in. What originally drew me to C'est La Vie is that it's one of the few restaurants with reasonable prices and it has a beach view. Plus, the service is quick and it offers tons of unexpected French cuisine that I haven't seen before.
For dessert, the waitress brings over a whole plate of desserts for you to choose from and then brings you a fresh one, once you have chosen. One of my favorite desserts is a tart, so I chose the Mixed Fruit Tart, which was served beautifully with a shortbread cookie and chocolate ice cream plus decorations done in various fruit and chocolate sauces.
 If you're not in the mood for French treats, may I suggest Casey's Cupcakes, winner of an episode of Cupcake Wars? Her cupcakes tend to have a light, muffin texture and aren't overly sweet, so it doesn't feel as fattening as other cupcakes. Most of her icings aren't too sweet, but the chocolate cupcakes are weak compared to her amazing fruit cupcakes. My favorites are the orange and the lemon flavors. Plus, every month, there is a new specialty cupcake!
Also, on a side road, they have beautiful gardens and random stores that sell items such as animal rugs and pet koi. I loved this arch, covering a small street. Very pretty and slightly whimsical, right? I would love it, if this arch was covering a gravel road instead. Laguna Beach is perfect for anybody that wants a beautiful beach, art galleries, or interesting shopping. It has so much to offer and along PCH, there's a vintage car store and various bead shops that I failed to photograph for you. Definitely worth a trip, if you're in the area!


  1. I want to visit California!
    But I've heard it's very
    hot during summer? :o

    I want to try savory crêpe
    since I only had sweet
    crepes in my life o:
    So the waitress brings fake
    dessert outs and then brings
    the real thing?
    Lol that's awesome system!


  2. That desert looks delicious >___<

    I wanna go back to the states at some point even if only for a little while. Think I'd definitely have to hit Laguna beach just for one of those deserts (and maybe surf a little)

  3. neeed cupkace. now.

    that place looks awesome!!

  4. Aww I just realized that I've only been to Laguna Beach probably once in all the many many years that I've lived there. It's beautiful! That fruit tart looks so good too~

  5. I've always wanted to go to Laguna beach!!!

  6. Those cupcakes look fantastic.

  7. Ice Pandora-California is usually in the 80's-90's during summertime and if you're close to the beach, it's not as hot. It's definitely tolerable and you should come visit! ^^

    Mr Nice Guy-You surf? Wow, you're more Californian than me! XD

    kakuidori-I'll take you there, if you ever visit. Deal? :D

    prancing bee-Ooh, you should go back during the art festivals! :)

    Pop Champagne-I hope you go soon! c:

    Rebecca-They taste fantastic too. :3

  8. Oreleona-Sure was yummy!:D

    LyddieGal-Me too! Let's go back together! :)

  9. wah i love the photos! the tart looks so yummy with the icecream and cute star :3
    btw thank you for leaving a comment on my blog :D i followed u ;) if u want u can follow back ^__^
    ~aiMee/aMz, <3


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