Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Le Week-End

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Now that I'm done with my AP World textbook, I'm supposed to use the weekends to study for the AP World test coming up, but I spent mine going out and doing all the things I've been deprived of for awhile. For example, going to the mall and finally getting another pair of oxfords, which I am so in love with right now. I love the traditional style done in funky colors. I was originally hunting for a brown pair, but then these got my attention.
For dinner, I tried Renata's Cafe Italiano for the first time, which turned out to be an excellent idea because the Farfalle Genovese was absolutely delicious. I loved the way they took dishes I thought I knew and put a twist on it. Smoky bacon in your carbonara? Dried tomatoes plus fresh tomatoes in your dish? Yes, please. Also, there was a group of German guys in suits sitting at the table next to me. I was listening into their conversation and sneaking peeks at them, so when they started to look at me, I was worried that I had made it too obvious that I was watching them.
Right across the street, there's an old mansion that is now the Chamber of Commerce, I think. I really liked the upper balcony on the site and the white columns. It's nice enough to look like the front of the house, right?
And tada, here's the front of the house with a narrow driveway, probably meant for carriages, and lovely windows. I wonder how all the older houses got clumped up in one area and how none of them ended up in my city. It's probably because my city is fairly new and it used to be all farmland.
After dinner and my outing to the mall, I went home to bake cookies for the senior citizens home. I baked something like eight dozen for them that night. It was making my mouth drool, so I ran out to get another dozen for myself. Baking cookies from the packet is so much easier than from scratch. If I had done it from scratch, I would've had to clean my mixer and measuring cups plus the baking sheet, while from the packet, I only need to clean the baking sheet. Yay for saving water and soap!
Do you bake cookies from the packet or from scratch?


  1. Aww cute shoes, and I would be awful making cookies from a pack! I've always done by scratch but they look yummy!

  2. such cute shoes!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Come check out my blog when you get a chance!
    Style-Delights Blog

  3. Those shoes are so cute. Not seen white ones like that before. Normally I see black or brown of these.

  4. I don't know if I've ever baked cookies from a packet.. Do they taste as good?
    I'm just not good at baking in general :D

  5. Those white brogues look super duper cute! Especially with the pink laces and pink sole! Awesome!

  6. I sure do bake cookies from scratch! The mansion looks gorgeous currently as the office of the chamber of commerce :) Good luck with your upcoming exam and I love the new oxfords.

  7. I used to make them from the packet but now it's from scratch (with the hubs' help). This is probably also why I rarely make them...lol. Very sweet of you to bake them for the senior citizens. :)

  8. The shoes look super cute ^_^
    The cookies look really really yummy
    I would fail if I tried to bake them from scratch xD

  9. bollykecks-Thank! Whenever I make them from scrap, I always try to get out of cleaning the dishes and such. Haha, that's why I don't do it too often. D:

    Rosalinda Tijoe-Thank you! :)

    Style-Delights-Thank you! Hope your day is equally wonderful!

    riysse-It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be! :D

    PAPS-Same, that's why I had to grab them! ♥

    sophie-cat-I tend to like them as long as I get a known brand. The generic ones sometimes come out lopsided and brittle...

    Joseph Dang-I love the pop of color too! c:

    Bravoe Runway-Thanks! And you should bake me some cookies, please. :3

    Shop N' Chomp-Your husband helps you make them? Looks like you found the perfect man! ^^

    Chaitea-Thank you! And whenever I make them from scratch I always put them too close together, so they end up merging together. XD

  10. this looks so yummy :-D

    both the noodles and the cookies *lol*


  11. kakuidori-Haha, I wish I had stolen a cookie for myself!


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