Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spontaneous Me

Reading: Orange Coast June 2012
Hello everyone! It's so boring doing the same thing everyday and going through the same routine too, so I decided it's time for me to come up with different things to do everyday.  Yesterday, I just sat outside, photographing the bunnies in my yard that I've named Peter and Benjamin. I've been trying to get a photo of them for quite a bit of time now because it's hard to see both of them in my yard at once. I tried leaving out a carrot for the two of them and came back two days later only to find it covered in slugs. I had my brother deal with it then...The bunnies are so adorable and I like how they just sit on my lawn, munching my grass, all the time.
Over the weekend, I skipped reading in the morning to cut up travel brochures and magazines. I thought I was going to make a scrapbook of all the places I want to visit, but lately I've been thinking I should make a collage for my bedroom wall. But then I would have to take down my band posters and I'm not sure I'm willing to take those down for photos of the world. My binders are already stuffed with travel photos and different fashion campaigns plus musicians, so I'm not sure what I should do with my extra clippings.
Two weeks ago, I was reading about how Sally Hanson did some collaborations with different designers to create new nail colors, so I ran off to multiple drug stores to hunt them down late at night after less than a minute of thought. I copied down the names for Alexander Wang's collaboration from a year ago, so I had the wrong names and panicked, thinking I would never find them. Then I realized I had the wrong names, so I had to look up the new ones. I ended up buying Prabal Gurung's Loves Me Not and Barely Bluebell plus Alexander Wang's Parchment and Petrol.
Part of my plan to be more spontaneous is to not worry about consequences too much. I decided to run off to see the dolphin that got lost in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve a week or so back instead of worrying about when I would have time to do my homework.  They think the dolphins got bullied into the wetlands, so I feel bad for the dolphin, but what could've it have done to piss off so many other dolphins?
Also, a part of my spontaneity plan is just going wherever, whenever I feel like it. I was in the mood for cupcakes, so I drove down to Sprinkles to get some and that was that. After taking a bite from them, I kind of wished I went to Casey's instead, since I really prefer their cupcakes over Sprinkles, but Sprinkles seemed like what I wanted at the moment. Maybe I shouldn't be too spontaneous and rash. I should at least give myself time to think through my decisions. If I did that, I would've been very content with my Casey's Cupcakes instead of slightly upset with my Sprinkles cupcakes...Hmm, I obviously need to work on my balance between spontaneity and thoughtfulness. Anyways, before I make this post too random and weird, thank you for reading!


  1. i needz cupcake. now. but we dont have cupcake places around... :-(

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. wow didn't know a. wang did collabs with sally hansen on nail polish that's pretty neat! i'm not really a big fan of sprinkles either.. they are SOOO CUTE and so pretty but they taste just OK to me

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I too have done the whole 'trying to be more spontaneous' thing, but it does feel a bit cheated at times because the whole point of spontaneity is to be unplanned... still. Those cupcakes look divine.

  5. I want those cupcakes... and the nail polish! nice :)

  6. Bunnies & dolphins??
    I would totally catch
    those bunnies and
    keep them as pet, haha

    Mhmm those cupcakes
    looks yummy!

    Keep up with being

    xx ♥

  7. kakuidori-Come out to California and try some of our cupcakes! I'll take you there! ^^

    Anita-Thank you!

    Lisa-I find the icing to be way too strong and sugary! Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers, so I try to keep up with everything he does! :3

    Katia Pellicciotta-Haha, you're so right. By trying to be more spontaneous, aren't we not being spontaneous? Hmm, food for thought! :D

    Julia-I'll telepathically send you some right now. Did you get it? ;)

    Ice Pandora-If you were fast enough to catch them, I'd be seriously impressed with you! (:

  8. aww you are so sweet, LOVE these cupcakes i'm drooling :D

  9. Great photos!
    Following you! :D Follow back if you like


  10. Haha Just read through your post and i have moments of spontaneity too like this!

    Btw I love your blog, its really stylish!xoxo

    Shubhi's Revels!

  11. cecylia-Thanks! And they are rather pretty, huh? :3

    Mary Kapsi-Thank you so much for the follow! ♥

    Shubhi-Thank you so much! And aren't spontaneous moments the best? :D

  12. YOU CAN DRIVE?? :O audrey is growing up :')


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