Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Little Pony Project: Part 2

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As you probably already know, I went to the My Little Pony Project opening two weekends ago. The My Little Pony Project wasn't just made up of sculptures, although that was a large part of it. It also included super cute, technicolor paintings that looked like they popped out of one of my eight year old fantasies. I mean seriously, neons mixed with pastels and used to draw adorable ponies? Perfect childhood dream, right?
All of the pony statues were amazing and I loved the range of artists plus designers. It was great to see how each artist transformed their pony into something completely different from the next and how some were dark and others were bright and happy!
My absolute favorite from the collection is Junie Moon's Pony Couture. I loved the creative use of different fabrics and of course, rhinestones, to create this fabulous outfit for the latte colored pony. I especially love the trail on this pony's outfit.
6% dokidoki's was also a favorite of mine with the furry leg warmers and overdoes of accessories. I also liked the use of real 6% dokidoki products to decorate this pony and the shooting stars in the eyes. It's an over the top way of doing neon cute.
Despite going for the My Little Pony art, I happened to really like Frank Kozik's The Bird is the Word, which was just sitting right by the cashier register. Something about seeing the serious Mao Zedong, I'm guessing, with silly Mickey Mouse ears really made me laugh.
I also really liked the art there that wasn't a part of the My Little Pony project. The slightly creepy, cutesy, toy-ish look to all the creatures in the paintings were fun to look at and it made me feel like I should get back to painting and being creative. Since I just finished my last AP test today, I'll have to get back to work. To see more photos from that night and of the art, check out:


  1. Oh, I've seen renditions of My Little Pony toys before! These are quite fashionable, ahah. I agree that the "latte coloured" pony looks very fabulous! Sparkly eyelashes too!

  2. I've seen several photos of this event. It seems it was awesome (^^) I think my favourite ponies are the 6%DOKIDOKI one and the Spank! one (^O^)


  4. those my little pony are so cute hahaha love it!! and well fishing is a sport :D and poker is always playing on the sports channel, that's got to count for something!

  5. so sweet :) i love this pictures ♥
    :) XX

  6. Awww this is so cute!
    I wish I could have been there ^^

  7. oooh childhood!
    and i would die for an epona style my little pony. might want to try on my own one day ^_^


  8. Arghh some of these
    Ponies are better
    dresser than me, haha..
    Love the Junie Moon's
    Pony Couture as well!


  9. Fabliha-Yup! :)

    sojjeje-Where else have you seen the specialized ponies? I want to see! ^^

    Sarah-I wish I had the chance to see the Spank! one! It's so cute and I love the pattern on it. :3

    Lisa-It was so much fun! :D

    Pop Champagne-I suppose if it's on the sports channel, we can call it a sport then. That's what I'll take for PE credit!

    AsiaSajdak-Thank you! ^^

    Elli-I'll take you there then! c:

    kakuidori-Haha we should decorate ponies together! ♥

    Ice Pandora-Haha that's how I feel too! XD

  10. Oh my gosh! This is so cool. Whereabouts is this showing? Myself (and definitely a friend of mine) would go absolutely head over hooves for this one.

  11. Courtney-It's at the Toy Art Gallery on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California! I hope you can make it. :)


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