Monday, May 28, 2012

State Testing is Done!

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Do any of you have to take standardized tests issued by the state? For me, I spent last week taking all of the CST's and STAR's, which are both California state exams. The problem is, the tests are too easy for most of the students in my school district and especially for me. They're almost a joke at my school and to be truthful, we make fun of the CAHSEE a lot. For example, after a tough test, we will say jokingly, "At least it wasn't as hard as the CAHSEE!" For the five exams I had to take, they gave me a total of nine hours split up into three sessions, but I only spent four hours actually taking the test. Then we're not allowed to do anything after the test because it might lead us to cheat, so we sit there with nothing to do and then the test administrators chastise us for getting antsy. It's stupid to force us to stay once we finish the test. It's also appalling what the education system is like in the USA, if it's true that a good chunk of the people taking these tests actually fail them...End rant.
After one of our testing days, I went out with Tiffany, Christine, and Tina to hang out and just go around doing whatever we felt like. We stopped off at Starbuck's to get drinks plus lunch for Tina and me. I like giving stores fake names, when they ask for it, so at Starbuck's, I'm now officially Mercedes. Next time, I want to be Celia Bowen or Asta, who are both from books that I've enjoyed.
Left to Right: Tina, Christine, and Tiffany
We then went to an Albertson's to get lunch for Christine and Tiffany, so we decided to eat our lunches inside Albertson's because real hipsters like hanging out inside of super markets. Known fact. Not really. Deal with my sarcasm, please.
We walked around Marshall's after lunch, looking for a red or white dress for me to wear to Ghazal's Fire&Ice themed birthday party. Also special about that day was that Tina and I agreed to wear our Cole Haan oxfords, so that we could kind of be twinsies together. No, my legs aren't abnormally muscular or fat. Tina is just very skinny and happens to weigh as much as a mouse. In other news, Christine told me my feet looked like cotton candy.
Once we were done looking through Marshall's, Tina took us to Styles For Less to shop for herself and to continue my hunt for a dress for Ghazal's party. Tina left with a pretty, Grecian style, white, chiffon-like dress that she'll be wearing for Latin's Toga Days at school instead of a bed sheet from now on. Most stylish ancient Roman that looks Japanese ever! Afterwards we wandered over to a drug store to look at the nail polishes and to look at how outdated this particular drug store is. It's like stepping into the 1990's, only kind of depressing.
Even though I didn't find a dress that day, I did find an inexpensive blazer at Marshall's that's very Beetlejuice in my opinion. I've been looking for a black and white striped blazer for awhile and this was the first one I found at a decent price with acceptable quality. I need to add some more interesting pieces to my closet instead of just solid colored clothing. I also like the bright pink lining because it looks like something Mondo Guerra would do.
Oh and here's a bonus photo. Read what it says, I'll wait. I love the Engrish mistake made here and how this was not at a foreign market. I usually find this type of stuff at Asian and Persian places, but this is a great example of what I was ranting about before. The American school system. What you gonna do?


  1. How can Tina's feet be that big *_*
    Also I really like your blazer. We should get to that Tim Burton dress up day~

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gives fake names, whenever I do give my real name they always get it wrong. Love your posts and hearing about your life <3

  3. Yeahhh there were students at my high school that failed the hs exit exam...
    I didn't mind testing week too much because that meant no homework!!

    That blazer looks awesome!

  4. ohh Marshalls, they got some great stuff sometimes, and haha it does remind me of Beetlejuice, but it would look great just with jeans :D

  5. Well, atleast you have
    good hopes on getting
    good marks for the
    exams c:

    And silly girl, your
    legs aren't fat!

    I'm Dutch and I'm not
    sure what it means,
    the last picture...

    xx ♥

  6. i actually really love the blazer it's very cute!!

    haha i think he just liked saying enema.. i dunno.. i think it's like health professional humor.. everyone else thought it was amusing other than me. haha

  7. sophie-cat-She wears a size 5.

    bollykecks-Thank you! I really love your blog! And giving fake names is more fun, right?

    prancing bee-I still had homework that week! D: And some of my friends failed it too...

    Pop Champagne-I'll probably wear it with jeans more often than anything else. :D

    Ice Pandora-They meant to say Chicken Tenders, but instead they said Renders. Chicken Tenders are kind of like jumbo Chicken McNuggets.

    Lisa-Thank you! And that's like when my dad makes doctor jokers or history jokes. .__.

  8. Ah, yes the blazer does look like beetlejuice but it is also very fashionable.

    I think when I was in primary school like a gadzillion years ago, the whole level took this US administered test and we were so shocked by the standards. Most of us finished way before the timing and were surprised that our tests and examinations were so much tougher than the so called "prestigious" US. It was back in the 90s when US was all glory.

  9. loving the shoes!!


  10. Love the blazer :D xx


  11. Great blazer! I like giving a fake name too, haha.

  12. Jo-That's very interesting what you said. It's hard to imagine that these tests could be considered difficult, at least for me to imagine, but then I do know of people who fail. It's sad how the USA's education has dropped from the best to the 12th best. (According to Waiting for Superman!)

    lucia m-Thank you! :)

    Satin and Souffles-Thanks! :D

    Jaz xo-Thank you so much. ^^

    Tian-Thank you! Do you have a go-to name that you always choose or do you switch it up a bit?

  13. first: you know you live in heaven? (oh starbucks XD)

    and there is a similar system in germany for 'big' tests... sad to see the differences of schools that should be the same!

  14. heart ur blazer :)

    just wanna share some blog,if you dont mind take a look at collection,the rest is up to you,thanks :)

  15. kakuidori-Oh you're so right! Crazy the gap in our educations, huh? :o

    marchshops-Thanks! ♥

  16. The blazer looks gorgeous! Very beetlejuice indeed.
    Those shoessss. *-* Your pair looks the cutest. <33 We have the same type of legs. xD I've always had female P.E. teachers INSIST that I join a sport because of them.

  17. P o o p e r-My PE teacher was trying to make me a sprinter. She kept on saying, "You should come after school and practice sprinting!" I never took up the offer...And I love my shoes and the blazer! Such fun pieces to wear! :D


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