Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Little Pony Project: Part 1

Playing: Man I Think I Love Her-Stereo Skyline
Reading: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
For the My Little Pony Project at the Toy Art Gallery, I went on the opening day and dragged my friends, Terry and Sophie, along with me. Terry actually started a Friendship is Magic Club at my school that I'm a part of, so I decided it was a must to bring him with me. I must say, it was a lot of fun to have those two keeping me entertained in line.
We probably waited in line for two hours before we got in, so we amused ourselves by taking photos with some new friends and please excuse my awkward arm positioning. But look here, just because our new friend is a mannequin doesn't mean he was forced to pose with us.  He totally wanted to hang out with us because we're the coolest thing suburbia has to offer Los Angeles. Just kidding, we're not that narcissistic to believe that.
Waiting in line for two hours does cause hunger, so my parents were kind enough to grab us some French fries from the Johnny Rocket's down the corner.  I like how the light reflecting on my hair makes it look like I've got red ombre going on in my hair. I only wish I could do that!
It was fun to stand in line, while singing songs to each other, eating deep fried, salty potatoes, and teasing each other mercilessly, but we still got tired with waiting for so long. When we were finally close enough to see the Toy Art Gallery, we freaked out and then realized they were only letting two people in at a time, so we still had a while to go.
When we got in, we snacked on Lil' Rae Cake Balls, which were decorated cutely with different My Little Pony motives. Terry and my dad do not understand the importance of taking photos for a blog, so both of theirs have bite marks in them. It was nice that they were all different flavors-red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc. I wish I had tried more of them, when I had the chance!
It was great to see Onch again and Terry loved the My Little Pony necklaces that Onch had designed, which were a mixture of metal ware and hair. I was surprised to see that Onch reminded me, since the last time we had seen each other was December, I believe. Like I've said before, Onch is so colorful and fun!
And one touristy photo for all of you from the magical fields of Equestria. Of course Sophie looks adorable as a present and I'm obviously a fairy princess, while Terry wouldn't dress up with us. I'm still sorting through all my photos of the sculptures and paintings, so I'll save that for the next post. Would it be annoying if I just put all the sculpture photos together as a GIF? If not, I have to cut down on which ones I'll choose and I don't know which photos shouldn't make the cut.
Sophie is returning to blogging and I would love it, if you could visit her blog here!


  1. Merci!!! Oui je suis française. Moi j’apprends l'anglais. J'apprends toute seule car les cours en France sont mauvais. Tu es courageuse d'apprendre le français.

    J'ai une amie fan de My little poney! :)

  2. Whoa I really thought you had ombre hair! Ahh those cake balls are so cute and delicious looking at the same time!

  3. Such cute pics! Those cake balls look amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. haha I used to love my little pony!!

  5. I love My Little Pony!
    Darn where did I kept
    them again..?

    Standing in line makes
    you spend alot of money
    I see (on food) :P

    Ahhh so nice to meet
    Onch again! He so fun!


  6. 2hours waiting! omg! but it was nice for your parents to get you food :p

  7. Looked like you had a great time! The cake balls look delicious :)

  8. Izumihiiiflower-Peuz-je practiquer mon francais avec vous? :)

    prancing bee-I wish I could have ombre hair. :D

    Rosalinda Tijoe-It was a lot of fun. ^^

    Annie-Not only are they cute, but tasty too! :3

    Pop Champagne-I used to have some, but Hello Kitty was always my favorite. ♥

    Ice Pandora-I love Onch and so do a bunch of my friends, so it's always nice to see him. c:

    fashion meets art-Thank you so much!

    Hello Naka-We were so grateful for the food and that they always take us. :D

    Audrey Allure-So cool to meet another Audrey! And the cake balls were fantastic. ☺

  9. *giggles at the toothmark comment* my mom and friends got used to 'NO EATING OR MOVING WITHOUT PICTURE!' ^^

  10. Kakuidori-Haha, when will my friends learn? It's great that you've got your friends and family trained!


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