Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Enjoy Eating :D

Mood: Depressed
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Lately, I've been taking tons of photos of food and I wanted to just drop them on my blog. I don't want to print them out, but I don't want to delete them, so I figured, why not share it with you?
I went to a Thai restaurant with my mum and I got Thai ice tea because it's just so good!
We shared a bowl of seafood soup. I decided to try a different type of noddles called rice flat noodles instead of the normal hokkien noodles I get. Next time, I want to try it with udon instead.
We also shared a plate of fried rice. I know it's easy to make, but this place makes it just so good!
This is an appetizer we got called money bags. It's filled with ground meat and coconut! Wow, the two of us got a lot of food, huh?
Then my dad and I got take out Japanese food. He got a poke bowl and it is so good. The lighting is so cruddy in my house at night, so my pictures came out with funny coloring...
I got a noodle combination, so it came with zaru udon, which is so refreshing and I also got some spicy tuna rolls! I'm so weird...I got all cold foods to eat for dinner on a rainy day...
What was the last thing you ate? Was it delicious or just good?


  1. I had just finished munching of two packets of oat biscuits. washing it with plain water. Lunch was at Mcdonalds. Wow, I have such a boring food journal..LOL

  2. i just ate some chocolate ^^ and i love food : im golad u likd the ribbons and i hope u cheer up :)

  3. tehe the first time i got my hair dyed and cut short, no one recognised me when i got back to school, they thought i was an exchange student XD

    my dad wasnt very happy when he went to pick me up at the air port he had quite a shock :p

    Maybe you could convince ur mum to dye ur hair semi permantly?


  5. aisyah De Cullen-I'm actually like that too most of the time! I just don't show you that part! XD

    Naka-Thanks! I love chocolate too! Tyat's what I want to do! I want to change myself so drastically that no one will recognize me! :D My mum told me I can do whatever I want, when I move out! XD

    Sarah s.-Gorgeous huh?

  6. tehe i think that old people just tell ppl they will get fat so they can ahve all the food to themselvs! a family renioun sounds pretty sweet :)

  7. Naka-Haha, that's probably true! XD Family reunions are more crazy than fun!

  8. Oh! You're my first comment I LOVE YOU!
    Your pics are so cute and ñam :D...
    My last food was so tasty because it was made by my granny(L)

  9. I had some soup. your post just reminded me that i have to do a photodump of food i ate during my last vacation. haha. makes me feel like a glutton! everything you ate looks so yummy! especially the fried rice! nom nom...

  10. Kira Sakurai-Wai, I'm your first commenter ever? Really? Well, I'll be sure to go back to your blog every so often! What did your granny make? :3

    Acha-Ooh! I want to see that! Where did you go for vacation? :)

  11. Hey, I'm Mish- new follower! ^^

    Ah your post made me all hungry hehe. Thai and Jap is probably my two favourite cuisines!

    Hm well I didn't have time for dinner tonight so the last thing I ate was spaghetti bolognaise. Can't really go wrong with that xD

  12. Mish-Spaghetti bolognaise is always super delish! :3 Thank you so very much for the follow!

  13. nom nom nom ^^ thank you for the comment :)


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