Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Can Be Fun~!

Playing: Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri
I'm currently sitting on a couch in a Japanese school girl outfit because I just came home from a Japanese festival. I was going to go with Tiffany, Tina, and Maggie tomorrow, but they never texted me the information and time, so I figured, might as well go by myself. It's better to go by yourself then to wait for friends and not go at all, right? I should be working on my Geometry homework, but I wanted to do a post about my school life. I almost always share the more Asian aspects of my life with my readers because face it, most of my readers are in love with Japan. I rarely share with you the normal American things in my life and have it be well received.  So here you go, a post about what goes on at school!
Maggie brought this candy back from Taiwan for Tiffany and Tiffany was so kind as to give me two pieces! One Original Calpico and one Grape Calpico! Super yummy!
If you read this post, then you will remember how low the water was. With a tiny bit of rain, it became a real nice stream!
When I went to the homecoming game, each class put on a play and the freshman had Up! They let go a huge bunch of balloons, as you can see above! The juniors did Finding Nemo and they also let a bouquet of balloons fly. While at the game, I hung out with Tina, Tiffany, Sophie, Aadil, Clare, Aspen, and Maggie, but Maggie ditched us!
Then I went to our homecoming dance the next day, which wasn't a dress up formal dance like I was hoping for. We were all running around in jeans or shorts! Doesn't it look like a wannabe club? It's just missing all the over 21 things!
They gave us these glasses that gave us Kaleidoscope Eyes! Get it? It's a reference to The Beatles! Isn't it so cool? Now I'm just going to spam you with Kaleidoscope Eyes pictures!
As you can see, I really liked taking photos with the glasses. I want to put these up on my DeviantArt because they're so pretty and they make me so happy!
This was originally a stamp with my high school's name. When I washed my hands, it came out like this. Looks like a face with a mustache, huh?
This is a picture of what loners Tina, Sophie and I are. Ceajae took a photo of us thinking it was funny how we were hovering over our phones because we weren't having fun at the dance. Did you notice that the three of us are all wearing bows? Now, did you notice that Tina and I are wearing matching ones?!?!?! So yeah, this post has summarized my school adventures so far.
What is the most fun thing at your school or university? Is there anything special about your school/university?


  1. nice post!! hehe :)
    thank you for lovely comment , i was here reading ur blog while eating my breakfst. lol and my school bored. i hate school hehehe ;] mostly i skipped all school event. if i came i only sit around. i dont like big event with many ppl around me . idk , just feel not comfort O_O
    and ur bow is cutee :>
    hv a lovely weekend and happy halloween !

  2. ipehishere-Haha no problem! My school is pretty boring too. I hate school, but i like seeing my friends! At the dances, I always get bored pretty fast because there's nothing to do really. Hope you have a fun Halloween too! ^-^

  3. Wearing the kaleidoscope vision look like a lot fun! I don't like school dances neither. :\ I like dancing, but just being at those kind of places is somewhat boring.
    Texting is taking overrrr!

    The funnest thing I can remember for high school is when we had spirit week (for the football players) and that entire week for each day there was a theme. Like one day would be dress up as a celebrity, the other day dress up as a baby, etc. We had a harajuku day, but no one knew what that meant. -_- So they changed it to colorful wacky tacky day (lol). I still went to school with my attempt at decora, but the day was a lot of fun just because everyone looked extremely colorful and they were all mismatched.

  4. P o o p e r-your spirit week sounds like so much fun! We had Mustache Monday and Western Wednesday. I can't remember the other ones...I think one was band shirt Tuesday! XD I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds school dances lame!

  5. whoaa those kaleidoscope glasses are so cool! i love how the pictures turn out! i'd be picture spamming us if i were you too ><

  6. amanda-I love them! Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who would pic spam my readers! XD


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