Friday, October 8, 2010

Pluck Pluck ♥'s Desserts~

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A few nights ago, I went to a Chinese bakery to get some giant mochis, but I decided to buy a blueberry
 mouse and a chocolate/peanut butter(?) mousse. It wasn't half as tasty as the mochi, but Pluck Pluck, a smaller Rip Rip, loved them. These are the desserts before he attacked them. Aren't they pretty?
Here's Pluck Pluck after he was done eating. He's posing with his finished desserts! He's quite a piggy, considering he's so tiny. By the way, I won't be online for a few days, so goodbye for now!


  1. what? a clone?! this is blasphemy!

  2. goodbye? naw, such good timing Huy!

    anyway, nice food you got there. *drools*

  3. Aww ;__;

    Deserts are the prettiest, and tastiest foods of them all! :D

  4. om nom nom i love desserts ; _ ; i could skip the whole meal and just eat a bunch of desserts instead ♥

  5. R E B E C C A-This is the one you gave me! >.<

    huy tran-I'm back! It wasn't as tasty as it looked! D:

    P o o p e r-I know right! I have an awful sweet tooth...

    insertcake-Me too! I do love my meat though...XD

  6. the desrts look yummy ^^ i wish i could bake things like that :3

  7. Naka-I wish I could bake stuff like this too! I would probably make it look ugly though...DX

  8. Those deserts are looking very yummy ^^

  9. MayClover-Desserts always looks so pretty! :3


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