Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pastel Colors Make Me Smile :)

Mood: Excited
Playing: Caves-Jack's Mannequin
I just got my first Lolita dress in the mail today. It's a black and white one that's bordering on looking maid-like. It's super cute and I'm really happy with it right now, so I'll do a post about it later. I wanted to show you some pastel pictures that have been taking up room on my computer or that I like quite a bit!
I originally wanted this JSK in the blue/pink design, but I was also willing to settle on the black/pink one. Unfortunately, they only had 2XL left in those two colors and they only had red/pink in my size. I couldn't convince myself that I liked the red/pink one. I really like this pattern because it's Alice in Wonderland themed.
I walked into this restaurant that I've been hearing loads about and guess what I found? Over 30 flavors of mochi! I wanted to try one, but it was around $4 a mochi. Too expensive for me...I ended up leaving the store and decided to go get some noodles and soup.




  2. It kills me when small treats are pricey. :( But noodles and soup are more worth it ... Though the Mochi is nice to gaze at. :'3

    Bodyline has been releasing so many cute dresses as of late! I think the Alice in Wonderland dress looks only cute in both pink/blue and pink/black. ^^ (I own it too!) I've been keeping my eye on this one:

  3. P o o p e r-I know right! Macaroons kill me too! they looks so cute, but they're $2 for a bite's worth of food! I can't believe you have the dress I want! I think I might steal if from you! Hahahaha jk :)

  4. Hahaha, if only we lived near each other, I would let you borrow it! ^-^
    I honestly hope they re-stock on it, so that you can get the pink/blue one! ;_; I think they've restocked the dress before ... I'll cross my fingers and hope!

    The dress with the sweets on it took my breath away when I saw it! I want it in mint but then it got sold out, and blue is the next best thing. Though I need to wait until I can buy it. I have a huge thing for blue/sax dresses too. xD I do like pink, but there's just something about that pastel blue that makes dresses appear cuter!

  5. P o o p e r-Awww, that's so sweet of you! The mint color sounds lovely actually! Blue is always my favorite! ^-^ I wanted my dress in blue, but I had better accessories for the black one...Goog luck on getting it! Where do you wear the dresses to? Just wondering because all I have at the moment is Halloween and Anime Expo!


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