Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recent (And Not So Recent) Purchases

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As you must know by now, I went to San Francisco awhile ago. I wanted to share with you some of the things I got there and some of the things I've purchased and accumulated. I figured I would do a haul because my post with the most comments was a haul, so I guess my readers like seeing hauls!  Now that I think about it, most of these purchases aren't recent at all!
I was at a restaurant called Little Beijing in San Francisco, so I went into the store next to it because it had a lovely Hello Kitty display. To my great shock and pleasure, it turned out to be a candy store filled with foreign sweets! I got some Japanese Hi Chew and I'm not sure what country Sugus are from...Do you know?
My mum's cousin gave me these, when we met up with her and my second cousin, her daughter. On the back, it says they were made for a store called Daiso. Does anyone know what a Daiso is? Anyways, I'll be looking forward to trying to coordinate these!
I bought a froggy  coin purse to hold my jewelry during lacrosse, but I currently can't find it...The Hello Kitty zombie pin is from Hot Topic and I couldn't resist it. The jellybeans were for science class. They were so colorful that I couldn't help, but put it in my haul! I ate too many in science class and got sick, so did Vivian!
These are my most recent purchases. I saw these earphones on Rebecca's blog, which she got in Taiwan, but I found them in the USA! I couldn't decide between the pink and blue. I decided on blue, since it's my favorite color! The pins were only $1 each, so I couldn't help, but get a few. Nyanko is so hard to find and the Rilakkuma ones were so funny! I encourage you to click on the photo to make it bigger, so you can see all the details!
I bought this quite a few months ago because I desperately wanted something from the tokidoki for Hello Kitty collection, but I couldn't afford anything. The only things I could afford were the scarves and stationary. I figured the stationary I would use up and I wanted something that would last forever, so I got a scarf. I really wanted a purse from the collection...Most of this shopping was fairly cheap within the $10 range or were gifts. The only semi expensive thing here was the scarf...
When it rains, do you enjoy it or is it a hassle?


  1. omggggggg the headphones are SO FREAKING adorable! I also love the pins and hi chew!!

    <3 angie

  2. Sugus is from China. P.S. - I love that Rilakkuma stuff!

  3. the rilakkuma stuff is so cute! I love it! and I don't like the rain > _ < for me is one of the more disgustings things... my hair is always horrible when it's raining D:

    following you! you've a really nice & cute blog

  4. zomg zomg zomg the ear phones are amazing! I love everytihg u bought :) I think we would ahve a great shopping spree together :p

  5. everything looks so yummy * A * i'm super jelly of your rilakkuma earphones! ♥

  6. The Tokidoki for Hello Kitty collection is so expensive ... ;__; I really wanted the plush of HK where she's wearing a kigurumi of Sandy. But that thing was like $90. Dx

    I really like the scarf! It's really cute! This is a lot better than stationary, even though I like stationary I don't like seeing it sit somewhere and I don't like using them because then I'll waste them. lol Thats my love/hate relationship with stationary.

    The earphones are so cuuute, and the pins. :'3 Nyanko is really hard to find around in physical stores, I've only been able to find Rilakkuma, and that's it. D':

  7. R E B E C C A-I know what I can get you for a gift now! XD

    Angie-I know right! I was so happy when I found them!

    Principessa-Thank you for letting me know!

    Vaik-Thank you for the follow! the rain is nice every once in awhile, but not always!

    Naka-I think we would between the cute stuff and the Lolita stuff!

    insertcake-When I saw them, I actually thought of you! No joke! :3

    P o o p e r-Yeah, I know which plushie you're talking about!I wanted it too! I feel that way about stationary. I have this flan one that I just can't get myself to use. I feel the same way about stickers. .__. If you like mamegoma, you can find them at Asian book stores usually...

  8. Daiso is a cheap Japanese store.
    Most of them used 2 be 100 yen or $1 but now they're like 3.

  9. Shamari-Thank you! I actually visited a Daiso and it's $1 there. I loved it though! :)


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