Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Lolita Dress! :)

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After 2 years of persuasion, I finally persuaded my mum to buy me a Lolita dress. Well actually, to allow me to use her credit card online to buy a Lolita dress. I also expanded my horizons quite a bit. Before, the only two real Lolita brands I knew about were Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Thanks to A Sweet Lolita in Debt and Sweet Lolita on the Go, I discovered Bodyline! It's so much more reasonably priced. I can see paying $30-$60 for a Lolita outfit, but not $300 or more. I was orignally aiming for a pink or blue dress, but my accessories favored a black dress instead.
Here are some picture of the packaging. I waited 4 days in anticipation for this! Now for the pic drop. Please excuse my too many pictures. It's my first dress and I'm so excited!
Check out the new floor of my house! My parents are so happy with it...Ok, back to the point, the pictures are the front and back of the dress. The last one is the bow that came with it. Do all Bodyline dresses come with a matching bow?
The lighting came out a lot better on these photos then I expected it to. It was raining, so I was afraid that the photos would come out oddly. I was also afraid that my dress would be soaked through. These are all close ups of the: collar, hem, and the tie thing-y's in the back. I bought a size medium and it's a bit tight on me. I usually wear a USA size small, but they didn't have any smalls left. I forgot that these were Japanese sizes, so it's a good thing that I got the medium. It's a tad tight on me though, so I'm going to run more to squeeze in. I'll post pictures of my possible accessories for it later on.
Have you ever splurged on something that you know you won't wear a lot, but you just had to have it?
It looks a bit maid-ish, huh? I just noticed that...I'm still happy with it though!


  1. yep ^^ i just splurged out on some new lolita items and ive posted it in a scheduled post for tomorrow night ^^

    i like the dress ^^ yay for ur first lolita item!

  2. This dress looks really nice! :DD Man, bodyline stuff looks so nice in person, I'm really loving this dress, I can't wait to see you wear it! *-*

    I wear a small in the US size too, I think it depends on the bodyline dress too. I have one dress from that feels tight-ish around the bust area. :\ Yet I have another dress from them where it feels just right. lol

  3. NAka-Can't wait to see the post! I really like BTSSB and Angelic Pretty, but they're so expensive! >.<

    P o o p e r-The fitting was kind of funky. When I measured it out, it was supposed to be a tad big on me, but when I put it on in person, it's a tad tight. .__. Pretty weird huh?

  4. OMG thats so cute...i love lolita dresses i think that they are so adorable but i tried one before, i really should! ^^

  5. Joanna-You should definitely try one, if you think you'll wear it! :3

  6. wow nice lolita dress :3 I love this!

    Yes, i bought mine, red color but I havent really wore it yet because I don't have anywhere to go wearing that.Because in my country, people are not used to seeing people wearing lolita clothings XD

    anyway I would love to see you wearing that dress :)

  7. your dress is beautiful!!! congrats! my first loli dress was black and white too. lol, yeah, more practical to pair stuff with. >> coincidentally, my biggest impractical splurges are my loli stuff. but i love them :)

  8. Kaizokumousy-Ooh, is that the one you wear to the Anime Convention? If so, I think I saw it! You looked so cute! ^^

    Acha-Lolita is so adorable, but I really have nowhere to wear it...I really want a blue lolita dress, but I always end up looking at the black ones because they're more practical! XD


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