Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Louis and Pluck Pluck Take San Fran!

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Do you get the title? Do you see how clever it is? If you don't, then you don't know the Kardashians! Oh, what lame jokes and references my brain comes up with, when the weather is rainy!
So for my weekend in Berkeley, Louis and Pluck Pluck jumped in my purse for a fun adventure!
While waiting around for the rental car, Louis and Pluck Pluck decided they wanted to walk around and ended up sitting on my brother's saxophone case.
Louis was playing around in the hotel room and he surprised me by hiding in one of the coffee cups! That would be a cute gift idea, huh?
Pluck Pluck and Louis got into a fight with a stone lion on the UC Berkeley campus! Makes you wonder what they did...
The two of them went to a Japanese Garden in San Francisco and had so much fun!
They decided that this was one of their favorite spots that we had visited and demanded many pictures.
If you headed towards the back of the garden, you found this beautiful pond that Louis wanted to swim in.
This bridge was much fun for Pluck Pluck and Louis to climb. Louis made it down for a picture, but I had to climb up to save Pluck Pluck. He was very embarrassed!
Please excuse the jacket in this photo. If it wasn't there, then the faces of Louis and Rip Rip wouldn't show up because it was way too bright! I didn't notice the jacket got into the photo until I got home...
On the next day, we went to the Berkeley gardens up in the mountain-ish area. Louis and Pluck Pluck wanted more photos of themselves online and wanted a whole photo shoot!
There was another Japanese garden at the Berkeley one, so needless to say, it was their favorite!
There's this little strap on my mum's coat that I used to carry Louis around for a bit. I thought it looked rather cute!
On the ride back home, Louis and Pluck Pluck saw me taking out the camera to take a picture of the pastel sky and they begged me to take a picture of them! Someone was giving me weird looks, while I was doing this. On the plane, I got a massive headache for some reason. Does anything weird happen to you on the plane like headaches, motion sickness, or just feeling generally gross?


  1. omggggggg they are sooo cute :D i love it when people take pictures of their stuffed animals in various vacation locations hehe

    i always get motion sickness when descending :/ i find burping actually helps and distracting myself with music

    <3 angie

  2. Angie-Burping? I'll try that next time! I love it when people take pictures of their plushies too, so that's why I started! :3

  3. These adventures, and their cuteness equals happiness! :D

    The view out of the plane looks nice! I love when people take pictures of their plushies too, it's a good way to utilize them without having them get dusty. :'3

  4. haha I love the seals! sooo cute! yeah when i get on the plane I get air sick so I never want to eat and I feel light headed and I sleep a lot. lol I'm a wimp

  5. omg they're so cute! Great idea ^^ And that japanese garden is so beautiful! It looks like (you) they had a lot of fun xD

  6. P o o p e r-The only problem with bringing them around is that I have to use a big purse! XD

    Pop Champagne-Me too! I never eat on the plane, so I get a headache! D:

    AnneRingnander-Thank you! Haha, it was quite a bit of fun!

  7. The story is really cute :3 hihi
    and i love the photos ^^

    What camera u use to take pictures?:o


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